Analytics-Based Web Design

Data-Driven Site Design

Far too often, websites are designed purely on aesthetics. However, aesthetics will only get you so far. When it comes time to redesign your site, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can be improved?
  • Are there any pages we can add to increase traffic?
  • Which pages are currently bringing in the most leads?
  • What do users come to our site looking for?
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Terry Dinh Web Developer

TopSpotter since 2018

Team Geek Fun Fact Terry Dinh uses data from Google Analytics and heatmapping software to develop websites with the user's experience in mind.

Design With User Needs in mind

Data-Driven Website Design and Development

When you work with TopSpot to design a new website, analytics is where we look first. That’s the basis behind analytics-based web design, which is a crucial part of a truly integrated approach to digital marketing.

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Why Data Should Guide Your Web Design Strategy

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TopSpot built and continues to help maintain our website. They provide reporting and make suggestions for changes based on those reports. They are always thinking about user experience.

Dianne McCoy, Stainless Fabrication Inc.

Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you have access to tons of data to influence the site architecture of your website and its design elements

We can use this information to figure out what your website is missing. One of the prime tools for that is looking at your internal search queries. Essentially, we look at what users are searching for on your website, yet unable to find.

The solutions to the problems this data exposes can come in a few forms. First, you actually add pages that you don’t have, like a FAQ or a landing page for specific information. If you do already have those pages, you can also use your internal search queries to improve the navigation of your website. If users are constantly searching to get to a certain page, adding easy (and noticeable) access from your homepage can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Form and Call Data

Reviewing form data and phone calls is one of the best ways to understand how users are behaving on your website.

  • Are website callers asking questions that can easily be answered with new content additions on the site?
  • Are prospective customers bringing up sizes, SKUs, shapes, new applications or new key phrase variations in the forms they’re submitting?

Content and page additions can be addressed with information directly from the source – your potential customer.

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Heatmap Analytics

At TopSpot, everything we do from a marketing standpoint is integrated. Every part of your online presence is a piece of the puzzle. Aesthetics are important. An unattractive site will turn away customers.

We understand that and have built beautiful, award-winning sites for our clients. But if you do not approach web design with the data to back up your design decisions, you’re missing out on potential.

With our experience in analytics-based web design, we can create a website that tells your visitors what they want to know and places the information where they can easily find it. When customers can readily find the information they want, it makes selling your products so much easier.

A heatmap representation of a visitor who moves their mouse across the website can help us determine where to place key content and calls-to-action.

Using data from heatmaps like clicks, taps and scrolling behavior paired with other analytics data, we’re able to make critical decisions about the design, functionality and organization of your website.

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TopSpot Recognized in WebAwards for 7th Year

This year, the TopSpot team was recognized with a Best of Industry Website Award, an Outstanding Website Award, and five Standard of Excellence Awards for their website design and development work.

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Integrated Approach Success Story: Transportation Industry

Read about the award-winning data-driven strategies TopSpot used for the website design, development, and ongoing marketing for Great Western Leasing.

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