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Babbitt International

Houston, TX

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Project Overview

Website Design & Development

Babbitt International provides level control solutions to customers worldwide in the oil, gas, refining, pharmaceutical, food processing and petrochemical industries and contracted TopSpot to design and develop a responsive website with ongoing Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Analytics Services. 

This led to a 1250% increase in online leads within the first 90 days of launch and a 673% increase throughout the first 10 months the website was live.




Increase Inform submissions within 90 days


In Brief


While Babbitt was running a Pay Per Click program, the number of form submissions being generated through the site were low due to the current website's outdated design. The Babbitt International team was ready to update their website with a new, responsive design that showcased their reputation in the industry for helping customers resolve difficult level & gauge applications and ability to resolve more difficult problems than the typical level manufacturer.


The new website was built with SEO serving as the foundation and online form submissions influencing the design and data guiding the way.

Services Provided:


When comparing the first 90 days after launching the website to the previous 90, form completions for the website increased by 1250% (81 vs. 6). This trend continued past the first 90 days as well with a 672.97% (286 vs. 37) increase in form completions over the first ten months after launch. The overall form conversion rate of Babbitt International’s new website increased by 863.63% (2.16% versus 0.22%) as well.


Data Driven Strategies

Search query data from the Pay Per Click program was used to identify high converting terms that should be included as landing pages or content on the new site to help increase conversions for both SEO & PPC moving forward. 

Additionally, important keywords that did not have a good landing page to land on were also taken into account to ensure a better user experience post-launch. The new pages provide industry-specific information, details about services offered, and product-specific information.

Babbitt International’s online conversion rate of their Pay Per Click Program improved by 311.58% within the first 10 months post launch and the website’s organic traffic conversion rate improved by 1,197.40%. Overall goal completions for both traffic sources were also up with PPC Form Completions increasing by 350% & Organic Form Completions Increasing by 809.09%.

Conecting with Users on All Devices

Website Design & Development

Per responsive design standards of practice, the new website was designed using a responsive grid system. The major device sizes were mocked up and went through numerous rounds of internal usability reviews to ensure a positive user experience and increase the number of sessions coming from mobile & tablet users.

The design that provided multiple conversion opportunities throughout each page of the site, giving each website visitor multiple opportunities to fill out a form, and provided different form types (some being longer and meeting the needs of a more difficult or involved request and others being shorter and faster to fill out which appealed to standard requests) for the user. The forms and calls to action were also placed in areas throughout the page that a website user's eyes are naturally drawn. The new design also removed focus from the mail-to and outbound links that were a focal point on the previous design. 

  • Mobile Form Conversion Rate improved by 1014.25% in the first ten months post launch when it increased from 0.06% to 0.67%.

  • Desktop goal completions increased as well improving from 33 total form submissions in the 10 months leading up to launch and 274 in the 10 months afterwards (a 730.3% improvement), showing that the website brought in more conversions regardless of the device the visitor was using.


In addition to an 863.63% increase in their form conversion rate(2.16% versus 0.22%)



Increase Inonline form completions

The same product landing page after TopSpot's redesign
One of Babbitt International's product landing pages prior to TopSpot's redesign
Scroll left to right to reveal before and after

Utilizing PDF Content

Technical information, oftentimes in the form of a PDF, was needed on the product landing pages, in order to provide users with the information needed to move forward with a quote.

Unfortunately, upon downloading and viewing a PDF, a user is typically taken away from the website, which hindered their ability to browse to other areas of website or submit a form and did not help to facilitate online conversions.

The strategy was to render the PDF content inside an HTML iframe element on a page within the website that contains the default header and footer.

The page would also include two additional calls to action:

  • One call to action prompting the user to download the PDF, and the other to Request A Quote. The Download/View PDF link sent the user to a view of the PDF as the browser would render a PDF file by default without any of the extra site content around it, giving users the option to print, download/save, etc.
  • The Request a Quote button sent users to the main RFQ form while seamlessly adding hidden data to the form that told the client exactly which PDF had referred the conversion.


After launch, the PDFs viewed using the PDF Viewer resulted in an additional 2875 pageviews.

Users who utilized the PDF Viewer spent 71.45% longer on those pages

versus other pages on the site

The PDF Viewer also addressed the mobile usability issues that occur when viewing a standard PDF on a mobile device by providing a responsive iframe view of the PDF for all viewing sizes and a clickable phone number. Neither of which would be available to a user visiting a website without the PDF Viewer solution.

Meeting the Needs of Babbitt's Target Users

Content Strategy

In order to meet the objectives of the new website, a large amount of content had to be created for the new website. Additionally, the content needed to meet the requirements of what search engines were looking for when crawling the website along with the needs that the users were looking for when considering Babbitt International as a new supplier.

The design was able to meet the needs of Babbitt’s target audience by incorporating additional forms of content (videos, images and PDFs) throughout the website. Photo galleries were also included at the bottom of each product detail page along with brochures, drawings and manuals to specifically address the needs that engineers in their target markets would require.

Without the supporting content throughout the website, the design elements geared towards driving conversions, and the keyword driven strategy to create the sitemap would not have mattered as users would land on pages without the information needed to influence their decision


Supporting Documentation

Along with meeting the requirements of what search engines were looking for when crawling the site the content needed to provide the information users were looking for when considering Babbitt International as a new supplier.


B2B Content Strategies

Photo galleries, brochures, drawings & manuals were included on product pages to address the questions of their target audience.

International Presence

Their international presence was another aspect of their business that differentiated them from their competition. This was featured on the Representatives page which was accessible via the utility navigation and footer links.


International Distributor Example

Their Representatives page showcased their sales representatives statewide and internationally & was accessible via the utility navigation and footer links.

The additional content on the product pages proved meet the needs of the buyers that Babbitt was targeting! In the first 10 months after launching the new website, their PDFs (which represented all manuals, 3-D drawings, brochures, etc.) were viewed almost 4,000 times at an average of 12 downloads each day.


PDF Downloadsin first 10 monthsPost Launch


Average Number ofPDF DownloadsPer Day

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