January 23 2013

Laura, Lauren, Lora and Lara

Tall to Short: Laura, Lauren, Lora and Lara 

Did you know that TopSpot has a Laura, Lauren, Lora and Lara?
How about a Steven and a Stephen? Julia andJillian? Alicia and Alissa? Two Chrises! Two Nicoles! Two Davids!
And get this: 2 Rachels + 2 Doyles = 1 Rachel Doyle. Whoa.

We have a large client base; some of our clients are local to the Houston area, some aren’t. We want all of our clients to know that you are welcome to visit us at anytime. We want you to experience the environment in which your team collaborates and thrives!

Whether you’re in Houston on business, in the Galleria-area for lunch or just want to drop by to talk to your team, please let us know. We’re happy to setup a time and give you a tour of our offices or set up a meeting to get to know your Customer Relationship Team, Project Manager or Paid Search Account Manager. We want you to be able to meet the person who redesigned your logo, developed that nifty widget for your website or applied tracking to allow you to view your leads. We want you to put faces to names, answer your questions and show you why we are passionate about internet marketing.

Contact us for a visit!