February 14 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Geek HQ.

TopSpot loves our Web Design Team

TopSpot loves design. We love clean, eyecatching designs that do not compromise usability for aesthetics. We love clear calls to action, bold infographics and colorful buttons. We love custom logos, nifty mobile designs, and crafty Facebook cover photos. We love the fast turnaround of design department tickets and dig the illuminating creativity that is produced in that dark room down the hall. Katie, Brandon, Yasmine and Josh: we’ve fallen for your imaginative minds.

TopSpot loves our Web Development Team

Code may seem sterile, but TopSpot believes our Web Devs are poets. They take arrays, elements and tags and build intricate, functioning poetry for the internet from their fishtank. They aren’t your typical nerds behind the screen – our Web Development team is the most kind-hearted, hilarious and generous geeks you’ll ever meet. Jean-Marc, Mike, Yvonne, Yanith, An and Chris: you fill our e-commerce carts with love, navigate our romance and your strings of code pull on our heartstrings.

TopSpot loves our Project Managers

We all know relationships can’t work without communication and hard work, which is what our Project Managers excel at. They value our time and keep us on track. We love how they can lead a meeting with organization, purpose and a touch of charm. They hold us to our deadlines and inspire us to produce work to their high standards. They always have a smile on their face, no matter the situation. Melissa, Megan and Jack: you are the sunshine of our lives.

TopSpot loves our Customer Relationship Teams

Cupid shot his arrow and it hit SEO, PPC and Conversion Improvementsimultaneously. TopSpot’s Customer Relationship Teams collaborate and execute integrated internet marketing strategies like they were born to do it. CRTs are the heart of our organization. Team Leads Rachel, Amanda, Beth, Mary and Abby: you are the apple of our eye.

TopSpot loves our Sales Team

Our sales reps are vibrant, outgoing and friendly. They are genuine. They care about the client, they care about our industry and they care about our brand. They are often the first impression one has of TopSpot and they make us beam with pride. Reps Jeff, Warren, Linda, Patricia, Mike, Michael, John L, John C, Dick, Bob, Mark, David, Randy, Stephanie, Tom, Leigh Ann, Jim S, Jim C, Mary, Michelle, Scott and Leo: we bear with you and we can’t bear to be without you.

TopSpot loves our Tracking Team

We would be nothing without tracking. TopSpot is an analytics-driven company; having metrics tracked precisely and timely, allows us to do what we do. Tracking aids our decisions, allows us to view our performance and understand user behavior. We feel safe when we’re in their arms. Aaron, Fred, Chris, Michelle and Lang: you sweep us off our feet.

TopSpot loves our SEO Team

Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists have everything that we’ve been searching for. They know just what to say and just what to do to bring us to new heights. They’ve found the map listing to our heart. They brim with strategies and they write everything down in a journal just so we know what’s on their mind.  Meanwhile, everything we do from design to development, we have SEO on our mind. It’s the healthiest relationship we’ve ever had. John, Julia, Laura, Israel, Stephen, Mayuri and Alissa, you autocomplete us.

TopSpot loves our PPC Team

Our PPC Account Managers are seductresses, tempting us to click on their ads. We can’t deny their smart targeting and snappy language.  Their budgets are on point and their reporting is thorough. They take the negative out of our lives and they always call us when they say they will. Kelly, Lara, Lora, Nicole, Tricia, Lauren, Alicia and Rachel, you give us goosebumps.

TopSpot loves our Conversion Improvement Team

Things between us are getting better each day. You continually work hard to improve our websites and brighten our lives. Always there to show us that better does exist and that last website never treated us right anyway. You are the real deal, you put us to the test and you prove it with your… performance. Steven, Dave, JT: you are the bee’s knees.

TopSpot loves our Management

You are the reason we’re all here. The executives and managers believe in our dreams and support both our professional and personal goals. Dave, Anita, Whitney, Tim and Jillian (and all the other managers): we just can’t quit you.

TopSpot loves Team Geek

There are a lot of employees that don’t fall into any one department. Jessica in Accounting,Joe in Contracts, Maria at Reception, Thomas in IT/Hosting: you are the oil that lubricates the gears of our industrial marketing. Team Geek is more than a cutesy company culture name, it’s who we are. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Team Geek, I less than three you.

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