October 26 2016

Itz’ana Resorts & Residences came to TopSpot in June of 2015 for assistance in generating website traffic and leads from people who were interested in purchasing a residence (one to five bedroom) in Placencia, Belize.

Our Approach

TopSpot differentiates itself with an integrated structure which gives clients a team of specialists that function as an extension of their business. These teams are called Customer Relationship Teams and consist of a Team Lead, 2 SEO Specialists, and a PPC Account Manager.  After the initial kick-off meeting with Itz’ana Resorts & Residences, the customer relationship team working on the account began working on a strategy customized to their goals and focused on the target audience that Itz’ana was wanting to attract.

Itzana Homepage

Itz’ana Resorts & Residences Target Audience: 

  • Ages 40-60
  • Has the financial capacity
  • Looking to buy abroad
  • Owns a residence other than their home
  • Married with kid(s) over ten years of age
  • Familiar with Belize

Our Strategy

Keyword Strategy – To attract users who had an interest in Belize, the team targeted users who were already using geographic modifiers matching the location of Itz’ana’s residences (Placencia, Belize).

Keyword phrases such as “Placencia Real Estate”, “Placencia Waterfront Property”, etc. were created in a separate PPC campaign to focus the allotted budget on those phrases. Upon the start of the SEO program, high-performing search phrases from the PPC program were implemented within the page titles, H1 tags, content and meta descriptions of the website.

Location & Income Targeting – The team created SEM ads focused on areas throughout the US with higher average household incomes. The keywords contained Belize as a modifier (versus the specific location of Placencia) since these users were being qualified based on income versus knowledge of Placencia, Belize. Ads targeted to cities in California, Colorado, and Texas to start.

Utilizing Local Search Trends – When researching SEO trends for the real estate market, it was found that nearly 69% of people who shop for real estate start by using a local term.  With a majority of the site’s content and keyword terms utilizing ‘Belize’ or ‘Placencia Belize’, we had the opportunity to reach users who were narrowing their real estate search to specific locations.

Bing Demographics Graph

Bing – As shown in the graph on the right, 58% of people who use Bing for travel related searches fall within the general target age group Itz’ana wanted to attract. 

A large portion of Bing searches done each day are related to travel & hospitality. Itz’ana’s target age demographic is also in line with Bing users.

Because of this, additional focus & budget was placed in Bing’s organic results and Bing Ads.




Remarketing – With the purchase of a home being a large decision that requires much consideration, remarketing was a crucial part of the Itz’ana search strategy. Working with Itz’ana’s creative team, the CRT launched multiple remarketing campaigns targeted to all visitors of the Itz’ana website who did not submit a form in addition to all visitors of their sister website, by utilizing cross domain tracking. Each ad set was tested against different messaging and imagery with the winning set of ads remaining active until the next round of tests.

How We Do Belize Ad      How We Do Belize Ad 2How We Do Belize Ad 3

The ads above were each run during the same time period and tested against each other to determine the most effective ad set.

Creativity was used throughout the winter months when ads with the phrase “Wish You Were Here?” were targeted to users in the northern portion of the US and Canada.

Wish You Were Here Remarketing Ad



The Results

SEO Results

When comparing organic traffic data from June 2016 to November 2015 (the month before the completion of SEO setup) we see the following results:

  • 90.78% increase in sessions 
  • 188.89% increase in goal completions 
  • 51.43% increase in conversion rate

Itzana SEO Results

Monthly organic driven leads (from both form submissions and phone calls) have more than doubled and continue to trend upward since the start of monthly SEO.

Organic Driven Website Leads

 Average organic traffic, online conversions (both form submissions and calls) and assisted form conversions have all seen increases.

Organic Growth


SEM Results

Comparing June 2016 to July 2015 leads from the areas higher income areas targeted via paid search show incredible growth in the number of PPC form submissions generated.

PPC Form Submissions

From July 2015- June 2016 the Palencia focused campaign has resulted in a total of 191 form completions, almost 8% of all form completions. PPC as a whole generated 1,295 form submissions (53.51% of total form completions) and 224 phone calls (77.50% of the total number of phone calls generated through the website).

Palencia Focused Campaign Results

Additionally, budget focused towards Bing continues to bring in a large number of leads versus PPC traffic generated.

 July 2015- June 2016 Bing PPC Results

Cost per Conversion has also been trending downward month over month since the PPC program began.

Cost Per Conversion


In Conclusion

The CRT’s efforts put into the integrated search program for Itz’ana Resorts & Residences have dramatically affected the number of quality traffic and leads generated.

Overall Website Traffic July 2015- September 2016

Overall Website Traffic Trends

Goal Completions July 2015- September 2016

Monthly Goal Completions


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