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Understanding Google’s Latest Detailed Search Refinements Feature Using B-SMART®

How often do you visit page 2 or page 3 of Google’s search results for something you searched?

Probably not often. Based on a survey we conducted, only 4% of people do. (Techvalidate)

We’ve all been there at some point where we type something into Google and realize that the results aren’t quite what we were looking for. Instead of clicking through to page 2 or 3, we refine or change our search to get more relevant results.

To help users refine their searches, Google is now testing detailed search refinements by brand, material, and type directly from search results.

With July 4th coming up, here’s what that looks like for a search for “grills.”

Image Credit: Search Engine Roundtable

Reviewing searches by brand, material, and type, just like Google’s detailed search refinements do, is common practice for us at TopSpot. After a decade of studying behavioral data from search queries conducted on search engines, through site search data and analyzing heatmap data, we created The B-SMART® Method to provide marketers and business owners a structure on how to target their specific audience.

At our core, we feel that the search defines the user. For example, a search that includes things like brand and type (like “Weber Genesis gas grill”) can tell us much more about a user’s needs and where they are in the decision-making process than a broad search (like “grills”). Based on Google’s testing, refinements by B-SMART® elements helps them provide better results for their users.

The B-SMART® Method is the product of studying data from our clients for nearly 15 years and serves as the foundation for our digital strategies – from site architecture to keyword research to content strategy.

Here is how B-SMART® can be applied to different types of businesses for their digital marketing strategy. 

Want to know more on how The B-SMART® Method can help your online strategy?