April 26 2018

At TopSpot, our commitment to our clients starts with our team. We always strive to hire extraordinary people who will bring the passion, confidence, eagerness to learn and positive attitude that is necessary to set us apart from other companies. That being said, we are pretty fond of our team members and rely on their knowledge, growth & passion to help us be an extension of your company. We highlight different TopSpotters each month so you can see why we believe we have the best team out there.

April Team Member Spotlight: John Varghese, Director of SEO

How long have you been working at TopSpot, and what do you do here?

John Varghese, TopSpot Director of SEOI started as an SEO Specialist 9 years ago and am now the Director of SEO.  When I started, TopSpot was still growing their Search Engine Optimization services and there were only a few SEO team members at the company. Now, we have over 20 and we’re still growing. Additionally, 12 former SEOs are in other senior roles throughout the company, which is great!

I manage the Search Engine Optimization department, which involves developing best practices, improving training & knowledge for both SEOs and other team members across all departments,  developing leaders and returning value to our clients. Ultimately, I see our job as digital marketers as opportunities to help people and their businesses do better in the digital space.

What has been your favorite part of being a part of TopSpot’s growth?

My favorite part is seeing those that were just starting their careers or learning a new skillset, grow and develop into leaders. I think I’ve always had a part of me that longed to be a teacher and mentor to others.

I’m very grateful to be surrounded by so many great people that are willing to learn, apply themselves and grow.”

What do you think is the most important quality you need to have for success?

Here are a few thoughts and quotes that provide some context:

1.) Always be learning, reading, trying new things.

“If I only did things I was qualified for I’d be pushing a broom somewhere.” – @kamalravikant

2.) It is my belief that we should always be striving or reaching for something, it is okay to be content with where you are but be intentional about stretching yourself in areas outside of your comfort zone. I think the best things in life involve overcoming inertia and our fears.

“Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” – Mark Zuckerberg

“The best plan is only good intentions unless it degenerates into work” – Peter Drucker

What do you enjoy doing on your days off?

I find cooking and golf to be very relaxing. Recently I’ve found washing dishes to be a very “zen” experience. In our always-on, very busy lives I think doing something very boring but very necessary is grounding.  Both golf and cooking allows me to unplug and focus on the task at hand and it gives my mind a much-needed break.

Outside of that, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and son. He is 3 so it’s really fun to watch him discover and learn new things like riding a bike and helping us make waffles. My wife is from Philadelphia and also a Villanova alumnus, so we have had a fun few years of sports as well. In my son’s first 3 years of life, he has seen Villanova win the NCAA championship twice, the Houston Astros win the World Series, and watched the Philadelphia Eagles win the Superbowl! Needless to say, he might be our good luck charm! There’s a fair chance of the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers meeting in the NBA Finals. Go Rockets!

John, his wife Jessy and their son Joshua cheering on their teams (Houston Texans photo not pictured).

Have you read any good books recently?

I have read a few great books recently! Here are my top 3 at the moment:

What advice would you give to our newer team members?

Failure is a great teacher. Be okay with failing and failing fast, be able to recover, learn from your mistakes and move on. Too often, we get stuck by our fears which leads to inaction. I run into this with myself, friends and coworkers. Good intentions are great, but unless followed up with action it’s just wishful thinking.  Time is a non-renewable resource, by our inaction, we miss opportunities to learn by doing and learning from those mistakes.