July 27 2018

At TopSpot, our commitment to our clients starts with our team. We always strive to hire extraordinary people who will bring the passion, confidence, eagerness to learn and a positive attitude that is necessary to set us apart from other companies. That being said, we are pretty fond of our team members and rely on their knowledge, growth & passion to help us be an extension of your company. We highlight different TopSpotters each month so you can see why we believe we have the best team out there.

July Team Member Spotlight: Jordann Wilson, Team Lead

How long have you been working at TopSpot, and what do you do here?

Jordann Wilson, TopSpot Team LeadI just celebrated 3 years at TopSpot last month. I started as an SEO Analyst and transitioned into a Team Lead role and have been a Team Lead of a Customer Relationship Team for about 2 ½ years.

As a Team Lead, I am responsible for formulating and overseeing strategy with each of our clients, while also managing the success and personal development of my teammates. The team consists of two SEOs, a Paid Search Account Manager and a Conversion Optimization Specialist.

What does true leadership mean to you?

True leadership to me, is a leader that can go into the trenches with you and lead by example. Growing up and playing athletics throughout high school and college, I always admired coaches that would be able to guide me through demonstration or experience. I trusted their leadership because I knew that they understood what it was like to be in my position and could be empathetic during the times when I felt most challenged. A leader is someone that has an excellent understanding of the big picture but can still take care of the smaller day-to-day tasks if necessary.

Consistency is also one of the biggest traits I value in a leader. To me, a good leader is predictable in their mood, behavior and decision-making. Consistency is what makes leaders approachable and trustworthy. Knowing that someone is always going to do the right thing and is going to be even-keeled in demanding situations helps to strengthen the entire team and establishes stability. This allows the team to focus on what is most important each day.

What have you gained from working at TopSpot?

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned during my time at TopSpot is that failure is a necessary part of success. Over the last three years, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about management, communication and strategy through failure.”

During my training, our Director of SEO, John Varghese, constantly reminded us that it was okay to make mistakes. This was an important lesson for me to learn and prepared me for my role as a Team Lead. It has also helped me become better for our clients because I feel more confident recommending strategies that may not be a part of traditional SEO or paid search.

What kinds of hobbies and interest do you have outside of work?

Anyone who knows me (or has seen my desk), knows how much I love dogs. With my busy travel schedule, the time isn’t right for me to have one of my own just yet. To fill the void, I volunteer at Friends for Life, a No Kill animal shelter here in Houston. I help walk the dogs that are being shown to families and help take care of the shelter, so the animals are comfortable. I’m also a dog sitter through Rover. Rover is an app where people can book boarding or walking services with trusted caretakers across the city.

Jordann’s collection of dog friends from over the years, plus a few humans. 

What advice would you give to recent new TopSpotters?

To new TopSpotters, my biggest piece of advice would be to dedicate just as much (if not more) time developing your emotional intelligence as you do your technical skillset. Emotional intelligence is recognizing and choosing how we think and act. While technical skills are crucial to each of our roles here at TopSpot, it is just as important to be able to understand and connect with our clients and teammates. This is how we gain trust and respect from others.

During our company-wide meetings, our President, David Underwood, always reminds us of behaviors that require zero talent. These include attitude, work ethic and being coachable. These behaviors are directly tied to emotional intelligence. There is a quote by Maya Angelou that says,

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Whether being at TopSpot is your first role out of school, or you’ve been in the workforce for a while, these behaviors will always be important to your success!