September 21 2018

At TopSpot, our commitment to our clients starts with our team. We always strive to hire extraordinary people who will bring the passion, confidence, eagerness to learn and a positive attitude that is necessary to set us apart from other companies. That being said, we are pretty fond of our team members and rely on their knowledge, growth & passion to help us be an extension of your company. We highlight different TopSpotters each month so you can see why we believe we have the best team out there.

September Team Member Spotlight: Lindsay Williams, Team Lead

How long have you been working at TopSpot, and what do you do here?

Lindsay Williams - Team Lead

I started my career at TopSpot as a Project Manager in 2013 where I was responsible for planning and executing website development projects for our clients (with the help of our talented website design & development team, of course). In 2015, I transitioned from the web department to the website marketing side of things when I became a Team Lead, which is the position I have today.

As a Team Lead of one of TopSpot’s Customer Relationship Teams, I am a primary point of contact for our clients and oversee marketing strategies to align with our client’s goals. I work with a fantastic team here that makes coming to work fun and exciting!

“It is so rewarding when you see your team’s hard work and efforts evolve into real business growth and to hear about your clients expanding their knowledge and understanding of digital marketing.”

You are also a member of our Community Service Committee. What has been your favorite service project that TopSpot has been involved in?

During Hurricane Harvey, the entire TopSpot team came together to provide help when our city was in need. Our city was under water; no one was entirely spared from what the hurricane had thrown at us. Thankfully, my home did not flood, so I was able to help keep track of how people were doing. We worked together to figure out whose homes had flooded and shared that information with other team members who could provide immediate help. We were in constant communication with each other to track down other TopSpotters and their family members to make sure everyone was okay. After the flood waters receded came the heartwrenching task of cleaning out homes and watching people throw out their entire lives.

Where the TopSpot family truly shined, was during the fundraising efforts to help families in the areas that lost everything. TopSpotters, clients, and team members’ families joined forces to raise funds for families in need. We were able to raise over $60,000 for families to help restart their lives. I love that we were able to give back to the Houston community like that.

What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?

I would probably be doing something that involved travel or animals or most likely both. I love both so much. My boyfriend and I have scheduled many vacations around the possibility of seeing different types of animals every chance we get. (See below for some of my favorites so far!)

A few photos from Lindsay’s favorite adventures.

What are your top three favorite vacation spots?

This one is hard! I love so many places we’ve been!

Number one would probably be Uganda. We toured most of the country and visited some amazing parks. Every day I saw animals! The most challenging, but also most rewarding, was the 9-hour full day hike through the Virunga mountains to Bwindi National Forest to see the critically endangered highland mountain gorillas where we came face to face with the biggest silverback in the area. We also trekked through Kibale National Forest to find wild chimp families, and this is where I TopSpotted a chimpanzee who was spotting me!

Number two would be Chile. We went down to Antarctic Patagonia and did the full-circuit trek through Torres Del Paine National Park which was ten days without any access to the outside world. Patagonia, far and away, had the best views you could imagine, stunning scenery and one of the few places I would visit again. Of course, my boyfriend, Nate set up some time to see animals – taking me to see the Isla Magdalena with 70,000 pairs of penguins and you could walk among the penguins! I even briefly lost my TopSpot hat in a penguin burrow! I took a TopSpotting photo here as well, at the John Gardner pass on day 7, which overlooked the 3rd largest glacier in the world – Grey Glacier.

Number three would probably be Romania. We toured different regions such as the Moldova region to see the famous painted Orthodox churches, Maramures region to see the Wooden churches and also the land of the Gypsies, Transylvania, and Wallachia. We love getting off the well-beaten travel path, and Romania hasn’t seen a lot of tourists, so the culture shock was very real. It is really cool to see the culture and history that has been hidden for so long. I was able to TopSpot the tallest wooden church in Europe at Monastery Sapanta – Peri.

What three words would you use to describe TopSpot?

Exciting, challenging and fast-paced.