December 27 2018

At TopSpot, our commitment to our clients starts with our team. We always strive to hire extraordinary people who will bring the passion, confidence, eagerness to learn and a positive attitude that is necessary to set us apart from other companies. That being said, we are pretty fond of our team members and rely on their knowledge, growth & passion to help us be an extension of your company. We highlight different TopSpotters each month so you can see why we believe we have the best team out there.

December Team Member Spotlight: Jessica Arias March, Controller

How long have you been working at TopSpot and what do you do here?

I have been working at TopSpot for almost 10 years! My 10 year anniversary is next month.

When I began working at TopSpot, I was an AR Specialist while I was still in school at the University of Houston. Once I graduated, I moved into the Senior Accountant Role. 

I am now the Controller and manage the Accounting Department, Payroll & Benefits.

In these 10 years, I have gained so much knowledge and many friendships. I value everyone I work with and love that I am given the opportunity to keep learning new things daily.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

The majority of my time outside of work is spent with my family.  I have an eight-year-old daughter, a five-year-old son and a six-month-old son. I also have a five-year-old foster son and a two-year-old foster daughter. We love staying busy and finding different activities that the kids enjoy. I am very passionate about helping the community in any way that I can so I volunteer as much as possible. I always try to find volunteer opportunities where the kids can participate, so they learn to give back. The first picture below is my daughter & foster children helping my Mom put together meals for the homeless. We all went to hand them out later and they were so proud & did such a great job!

There are also a few organizations that I try to regularly volunteer with such as the Red Cross, where I am a first responder, and PFLAG.

How do you balance your career at TopSpot and family?

Balancing my career and family is definitely something I’ve had to work on. I’ve had to learn how to manage my time when I’m at work and at home and the importance of separating one from the other. I am grateful to TopSpot for the flexibility that they provide in order to make sure there is always a good life/work balance. Thanks to this I have never missed a doctors appointment, school performance, teacher conference or a field trip with my kids.

What does true leadership mean to you? 

For me, true leadership means listening to those around you, learning from them and setting an example daily. It’s easy to point out everything that needs to be accomplished but taking the time to listen and learn from everyone around youonly broadens your views and perceptions.

What advice do you have for prospective TopSpot candidates?

The advice that I have is to come in with an open mind and ready to learn. We have so many wonderful people working at TopSpot and everyone is eager to teach and help everyone grow. We want everyone to succeed so take advantage of all of the great minds and resources available.