April 07 2020

At TopSpot, we know every Team Member is a special part of our company’s success. Each month, we highlight some of the amazing people we get to work with every day. Today, we are shining the Spotlight on Mridul “Doc” Kalita. His coworkers say he always goes above and beyond to help both coworkers and clients. Read on to learn more about Doc including his thoughts on what to teach his children as they grow up.

Meet Doc Kalita, IT Architect

How long have you been working at TopSpot, and what do you do here?

I have been at TopSpot for almost four and a half years. I joined as an IT Specialist, where I was responsible for developing and managing all segments of our IT infrastructure. There are diverse elements and a substantial amount of work entailed in building a robust, secure, and competitive end-to-end infrastructure in a fast-growing company like TopSpot. I genuinely enjoy the challenge and taking ownership because it consistently drives me to think outside norms and be innovative.

Recently, I was promoted to IT Architect where I am a core member of the Technology team, focusing on data integration and analytics projects in addition to IT. Moving forward, I will be designing innovative solutions and strategies across multiple platforms. I am excitedly looking forward to learning new dimensions and making TopSpot a better workplace for everyone.

TopSpot is a company where your ideas and thoughts are allowed to flourish. I am extremely thankful to my wonderful colleague, Tone Boonyoo, and it feels incredibly rewarding and motivating to see our plans succeed together.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy most?

I don’t have a set routine – almost every day is about problem-solving and critical thinking in pressing situations. My work involves interaction with every department and senior management. The most rewarding feeling amidst all of this is when someone walks up to me or calls me with a daunting issue in their hands and says, “Doc, I know you can surely help me!” or I hear later, “You saved the day!” or “That client is relaxed after the call with you.”

The confidence that I see and feel on my peer’s face or from their client is simply amazing because it’s not just my technical skill rather what value I have added, the experience I left behind. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play sports, travel, write, read, dance with my kids or give color to my thoughts on canvas. I love to spend time with my cute newborn daughter, Kashika and having conversations with my 9-year daughter, Kashish, who just published her first book One Positive Thought! After an entire day of events at work, I also make sure to create opportunities to spend precious moments with my wife, Anjana.

I also love long road trips: we have driven from Houston to the Grand Canyon when Kashish was just one year old, twice to Niagra Falls (one time with my parents during their visit from India), to the Smokies, to the Rockies (all the way to Pikes Peak at 12,000 feet), to Disney World and many other destinations in between.

I love music and audio-video mixing so I help groups competing in entertainment events. I volunteer in NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) – one important one is DAVSS, a Houston-based school that is committed to bringing the best of East and West together, where I am a Tech Lead. I am blessed to be associated with them.

I am also working on a few projects (mostly entrepreneurial) and feel that I have a lot to achieve and offer to the world so that demands a lot of my spare time. Overall, I am conscientious about my spare time because that’s where you can envision by reaching out to your own beliefs and thoughts and achieve more in life than what you usually think. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch movies!! 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned while at TopSpot?

I’ve learned invaluable lessons but I guess the biggest one is how not to get confused between personal relationships and business relationships while dealing with people. I have witnessed and learned that concept from the TopSpot leadership team, especially from Anita Perez and Dave Underwood that has helped me in a positive way, both in my work and my personal life. I am truly grateful to be a part of the TopSpot family and their values which consistently expose me to new lessons that allow me to grow. 

What would you like your daughters to know about you as they grow up? 

This is a continuous process. I would say we create (not have) time to build an invaluable system around our kids. Sharing the struggles and victories, triumphs and failures from my early childhood/teen life is one of the ways to build an unbreakable bond with my daughters. Those stories will become part of my daughter’s lives. They may want to know how I earned my first dollar at age 12, what was my first entrepreneurial adventure at age 14, why I climbed a three-story school building to help my friend and so many more stories.

I guess all of those are centered around ambitiously believing yourself and helping friends. Even today I share many of them as bedtime stories or simple conversations. I also want them to know how my wife and I “rise” in love – in fact, this is something that Kashish really wants to know. I always say to her, “Don’t fall in love, rather rise in love,” and hopefully one day she will understand it through me and her mother, Anjana.

Here are a few things Doc’s Team Members have to say about him:

Doc has maintained the utmost professional attitude despite some of the most pressing situations. No matter the chaotic storm, his consistent methodical approach to solving problems have pulled through time and time again. He is no doubt an essential team member to TopSpot’s everyday workflow.

Doc’s Manager, Lang Nguyen

Thank you to Doc who went above and beyond and helped a client set up email on her new phone. Doc gave the client a call and walked her through all the steps so that she could access her email on her phone. Thank you Doc for being a great team member and showing awesome customer service!

Thank you for always helping me no matter how big or small the request is. You rock!

Doc, I appreciate all the work you put in at the beginning of the week (and always!) to get our servers back up. All while doing it with a newborn. Super DAD and super TopSpotter!

Doc, thank you SO much for helping us with a client. You never hesitate to step in when we need help with website hosting and always go the extra mile.

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