Phone Call Tracking for Web Analytics

Tracking What Matters

Internet marketing and ROI should go hand-in-hand, but many companies miss the true picture of return when they do not track their phone calls. Typically, when utilizing phone call tracking, we track 2-3 phone calls for every 1 form submission. Especially for B2B, phone calls can often make up the majority of a site’s conversions. Bottom line, if you aren't tracking your phone calls, you aren't closing the loop on the efficiency of your website.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking allows businesses to measure the 'offline' conversions (which are typically phone calls) that they receive through different forms of marketing. While our primary focus is on tracking the phone leads generated by your website, call tracking numbers can also be assigned to anything from white papers & brochures to trade show collateral.

At the end of the day, we want to help you track your return on your marketing investments. All of them. We have also found that evaluating your phone call recordings can shed light into the quality of the opportunity and how your internal team is managing opportunities. We find call tracking and analytics so insightful that it has become part of our standard tracking installation when you sign up for a PPC program with us.

Call Analytics Dashboard

Call Analytics Dashboard

All tracked phone calls are recorded in real time, making it easy to identify what source a new lead came from.

Call Tracking Analtyics Features

  • Track Incoming calls per marketing source
  • See the incoming number, time, date and duration
  • Reverse lookup provides company names for incoming calls
  • Digital recordings of incoming call to measure quality
  • Online reporting

What Can You Learn from Phone Call Tracking?

  1. Close the loop for your internet marketing – capturing emails, form submissions, or even sales only gives you half of the story. With call tracking, you truly see how many offline conversions (phone calls) your website is getting.
  2. What is generating the phone call? – With call tracking, you are getting call attribution for your marketing efforts. Get a clear picture of what advertising expenditures are really generating the leads.
  3. Quality – By listening to your phone calls, you can determine which advertising sources generated the highest quality phone calls.
  4. Improve Customer Service / Sales Team– Have you ever wondered if you customer service or sales teams are handling your opportunities the right way? You are investing money marketing your company, but is your team capitalizing on the opportunities? Use call tracking as an internal training tool.
  5. Opportunity Discovery – listening to phone calls allows TopSpot to discover if there are areas of your site that could be improved or expanded, including updated navigation, new keywords, and new content.

We've Got Your Back

Call tracking isn't just helpful for you, it's helpful for us as well! Call analytics gives your TopSpot team very helpful insights on your products, how people are interacting with your website, the quality of the phone calls being generated by your different mediums and even the time of day and location of those calls.

As part of our standard process, we not only report on your tracked phone calls each month, but we monitor them throughout the month as well. Don't be surprised if you get an email like the one below from someone on your TopSpot team from time to time!

Don't have time to monitor your incoming calls? No worries. It's part of our day to day management of your account!

Don't have time to monitor your incoming calls? No worries. It's part of our day to day management of your account!

Still not sure if phone call tracking is right for you? If any of the following factors represent your business, you may be missing out on tracking valuable ROI information.


Large Purchases

call analytics for marketing

Purchases tend to be products or services that require a higher consideration which many feel should require a phone call.

Technical Purchases

marketing attribution for phone calls

Often research and questions are involved, especially in an industrial purchase.

Relationship Building

call tracking for marketing ROI

Many purchasers want to develop a professional relationship with their vendor, requiring a conversation.


website call tracking

Many purchases have a sense of urgency and are time sensitive (a broken part, an emergency, etc.)


Although behavior is shifting toward digital, offline purchasing remains a familiar practice for companies.

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