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At TopSpot, we know data is important to drive decisions

And the decision to invest in an internet marketing partner is an important one. We are a results-focused company that believes in clear reporting of our progress and will often highlight our customers’ greatest successes through our integrated internet marketing programs.

Below are a handful of case studies showcasing our results for our customers in the B2B and B2C spaces that we have highlighted through internet marketing case studies:

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Case Study | Bayou City Bolt



increase in totalform submissions within 90 days

Bayou City Bolt & Supply, a fastener distributor for the Gulf Coast area since 1962, was running a Pay Per Click program with TopSpot when they decided to move forward with a new website. Within the first 90 days of launching their new website, Bayou City Bolt saw a 775% increase in form submissions.

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Case Study | Terryberry



increase in PPC drivenform submissions within 4 months

Terryberry, an employee recognition award provider, partnered with TopSpot to launch a Pay Per Click campaign to enhance their form submissions and better allocate their PPC budget. 

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Case Study | Babbitt International



increase inform submissions within 90 days

Babbitt International provides level control solutions to customers worldwide in the oil, gas, refining, pharmaceutical, food processing and petrochemical industries and contracted TopSpot Internet Marketing to design and develop a responsive website with ongoing Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and Analytics Services. This led to a 1250% increase in online leads within the first 90 days of launch and a  673% increase throughout the first 10 months the website was live.

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Case Study | Mitchell Crane



increase inform submissions

In its first five months, the new Mitchell Crane website saw a 1500% increase in online conversions from 9 to 144. Organic traffic increased by 187.12%, and the website now averages close to 600 organic visits per month compared to the previous average of 200 visits per month. The website also saw an overall traffic increase of 147.99% and a 292.57% increase in mobile and tablet traffic, which now drives almost 25% of the website's traffic.

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Case Study | Funk Facial Plastic Surgery



Increase InForm Submissions

Dr. Etai Funk, owner of Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, had been an SEO client of TopSpot Internet Marketing since 2011 when he commissioned a new, mobile friendly website for his practice.

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Case Study | RTS Cutting Tools



Increase InOnline Leads

RTS Cutting Tools, a manufacturer of specialty cutting tools, contracted TopSpot Internet Marketing to develop a responsive website redesign with Catalog Data Solutions integration.

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Case Study | Analytics Services Case Study : Call Tracking



Increase InTracked Online Leads

Comparing the 6 months before call tracking to the 6 months after, a 363% increase in conversions was captured. We discovered that Heritage Equipment received 1.7 calls for every online form submitted.

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Case Study | Metal Coatings



Increase inMobile Form Submissions

When comparing a period before the responsive website redesign launch with the same period since, Metal Coatings saw a 247% increase in mobile conversions, from 17 to 59 smartphone leads. Additionally, Metal Coatings has seen a 76% increase in overall smartphone visits, from 4,058 to 7,161.

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Case Study | Precision Urethane



Increase InForm Submissions

The redesigned utility and call to action has been a success: resulting in an impressive improvement in the conversion rate of the page. This simple yet effective change showcases the benefit of having a Customer Relationship Team working together to improve a website's user experience.

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Case Study | Farmers Copper



Increase InOnline Leads

Farmers Copper saw a 188% lead increase, 988 online form submissions and phone calls as opposed to 342 during a comparable time period and a 1200% increase in organic rankings upping their total organic rankings from 12 to 166.

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Case Study | Hoover Ferguson Group



Increase InOnline Leads

Hoover Ferguson Group saw a 115% lead increase, 335 online form submissions and phone calls as opposed to 155 during a comparable time period, 73% increase in organic traffic and 18% increase in organic rankings. Hoover also developed a new line of IBC sizes due to the demand driven through the increased conversions.

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Case Study | Pentastar Aviation



Increase InForm Submissions

Pentastar saw a 461% Lead Increase, 101 form submissions as opposed to 18 form submissions during a comparable previous time period, and a 104% increase in mobile site visits.

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Case Study | Stainless Drains



Increase InForm Submissions

When comparing the six months before the new site launched versus their most recent six months, Stainless Drains has seen a 1114% lead increase, with 874 online form submissions compared to 72. Additionally, their overall traffic has increased 398%, from 4,014 visits to 19,986 visits.

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Case Study | AST Bearings



Increase InForm Submissions

With continual SEO, AST Bearings experienced a 108% increase in conversions from organic traffic year over year; with 1586 leads over 762 leads. Additionally, they received a 143% increase in organic traffic, with 59,496 visits the first year and 145,125 visits the second. Overall their traffic increased by 97%, with 186,993 visits compared to 94,798 visits.

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Case Study | Nationwide Plastics



Increase InOrganic Form Submissions

With their e-commerce site development relaunch, Nationwide Plastics experienced a 192% increase in conversions from organic traffic in the first quarter post-launch; with 111 leads over 38 leads. Additionally, they received a 162% increase in overall conversions, with 199 leads in the three months prior to launch and 522 leads post launch. Nationwide Plastics' organic traffic increased 46%, with 4,612 visits compared to 3,162 visits.


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Case Study | Associated Spring Raymond



Increase InForm Submissions

After six months with the updated design and filter functionality, the Associated Spring RAYMOND website saw a 130.65% increase in form submissions for Gas Strut products, indicating that the new filter design was a better experience for visitors to narrow down their needs and then convert. The website’s form conversion rate increased by 126.12% and form abandonment decreased by 35.59%

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Case Study | KD Fasteners



Increase In Average Monthly Form Submissions

Form submissions increased by 246.43% with over 600 form submissions coming in throughout the first 9 months. 47% of those leads were driven by organic traffic and 46% by the KD Fasteners pay per click program. When comparing the first full month post launch to their traffic and lead metrics 9 months later, the website saw an overall traffic increase of 121.33%.

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