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At TopSpot, we know data is important to drive decisions

And the decision to invest in an internet marketing partner is an important one. We are a results-focused company that believes in clear reporting of our progress and will often highlight our customers’ greatest successes through our integrated internet marketing programs.

Below are a handful of case studies showcasing our results for our customers in the B2B and B2C spaces that we have highlighted through internet marketing case studies:

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Case Study | Analytics: EagleLIFT

increase in conversions from target service areasin the first six months after the program adjustment

Through TopSpot's custom analytics installation, user behavior by zip code is tracked and analyzed, offering EagleLIFT better lead data for their second business location.

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Case Study | Call Tracking: Industrial Flow

The company averaged about 25 calls per week withhigh points of over 50 calls in a week.

Research shows that phone calls generate 10 to 12 times more conversions than lead forms across all business types. When taking into account mobile devices, 60% of users reported making a call to a business directly from search engine results, emphasizing the importance of mobile-optimized websites with click-to-call features.

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Case Study | Paid Search: 44 Farms

Increase in holiday revenueWhen comparing 2022 performance to 2021

44 Farms saw online competition steadily increase over the years, especially in the text ad and Google Shopping space, and the bulk of their sales came during the holidays. They also had a reporting problem and were not receiving the level of detail needed or consistency in metrics between Google Ads, Shopify, and their previous agency’s analytics, making marketing decisions difficult. 

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Case Study | Content Optimization: All-Star Tire

Increase in PPC form submissionsWhen comparing 2022 performance to 2021

All-Star Tire saw increased competition in the search landscape for local area forklift parts and services, which included large national brands, and needed to maintain their rankings. Additionally, the company was looking to expand its business to include forklift sales and rentals, needing to enter a new search landscape that was equally competitive.

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Case Study | Website Design: Stainless Steel Products

increase in conversions from ppc formsin the first 6 months

Stainless Steel Products had an outdated website that was not producing the desired number of conversions from all traffic channels. The challenge was creating a modern website that included their priority products and materials to attract conversions in a highly competitive market where the search landscape is saturated.

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Case Study | Paid Search & E-Commerce: Crane Depot

increase in
e-commerce transactions
In 90 days post launch

Crane Depot's paid search strategy, developed with TopSpot, pays off by bringing in new customers for their e-commerce website

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Case Study | Integrate Strategy: Blades Wellness

Increase in form submissionsin 4 years since launch

Dr. Blades came to TopSpot wanting a professional website that would grow with her practice. The new website was launched in March 2018 and combined with the integrated strategies from her TopSpot Team, has continued to be an incredible resource for her clients.

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Case Study | Quote Cart Case Study: PneuTech

of the leadsIn the first year were driven from the Shopping Cart

Pneumatic Technology wanted a new website that would bring in new leads. A quote cart addition allowed them to create a better user experience while also improving the quality of the leads. Search engine optimization was also built it to increase organic leads. The leads increased right away and continued to go up as the year went on.

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Case Study | Website Design Case Study: Kason

increase in overall trafficin the first six months post-launch

Kason Corp. had a website that was not optimized for organic traffic. To help bolster their paid search program, which was already in place, a new website was designed with UX top of mind.

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Case Study | PPC Case Study: Industrial Manufacturer

1 Million
Increase In PPC Driven Revenuefrom TopSpot Managed PPC Program

Prior to working with TopSpot, the global manufacturing company's in-house PPC program converted 13% of their paid search leads into sales. They moved their program to TopSpot with the expectation of increasing sales from paid search. Learn how our approach improved their PPC lead close rate and grew their paid search-driven revenue by nearly $1 million within the first year.

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Case Study | E-commerce Website Development Case Study: Altius Technical Services

increase in online saleswithin 90 days of launch

Altius Technical Services is an independent professional rope access training company. Utilizing behavior and search query data from their current paid search program, the TopSpot team built a new website for Altius Technical Services that focused on providing a great user experience through content and ease of use which resulted in a 173% increase in online transactions within 90 days of launch.

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Case Study | Website Design Case Study: Industrial Coil Supplier

increase in online leadswithin 15 months of launch

Coil Replacement has been supplying custom and OEM HVAC coil replacements since 1979, in addition to supplying various other complementary HVAC products. The new landing pages, expanded content and other usability improvements made upon launch resulted in lead growth for not just their paid search program, but for their organic traffic as well.

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Case Study | B2B & Local Business Case Study: The Shade Shop

increase in qualified online leadswithin 6 months of launch

When The Shade Shop came to TopSpot wanting a new website that would let them stand out from the crowded window coverings market, the Team knew what they needed to do. They used a data-based approach to refine and elevate the shop’s original website. The new site brought in incredible results immediately and the momentum hasn’t stopped.

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Case Study | SEO & Content Optimization Case Study: Industrial Tube & Steel

increase in average monthly organic visitswithin 1 year of launch

Since 1956, Industrial Tube and Steel Corp. has been servicing the steel tubing and continuous cast iron needs of businesses across the Midwest. After launching a new site with TopSpot and going through a content overhaul throughout the first year, Industrial Tube has seen a 776% increase in average monthly organic visits.

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Case Study | Website Design Case Study: Steel Warehouse

Increase in quality leads generatedwithin 6 months of launch

Steel Warehouse is a family-owned supplier of premier steel coil with distribution, shipping, and processing capabilities. When they came to TopSpot, they were in need of a website that would drive online leads by providing an excellent user experience. See how TopSpot’s data-driven website development approach increased the industrial website's online leads by 311.36% within the first 6 months of launching.

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Case Study | SEO & Content Optimization Case Study: Blaylock Gasket

increase in average monthly organic visitswithin 1 year

Having partnered with TopSpot since 2013, the TopSpot Team worked with Blaylock Gasket & Packaging to repurpose historically informational pages into high-intent, transactional content that would generate the right kind of leads for their business. This content overhaul and shift in focus resulted in monthly organic users increasing from an average of 187 per month to an average of 1,587 per month the following year, a 749% increase in average monthly organic visits.

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Case Study | Website Design Case Study: Rol-Tec

increase in qualified online leadswithin 1 year of launch

Rol-Tec wanted a new, responsive website that would drive organic traffic, showcase their full product line and provide an optimal user experience that would drive qualified leads for the business. They quickly saw results with online leads increasing by 317.65% in the first three months and maintained ongoing year over year growth within its first year with a 500% increase in leads compared to the previous year.

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Case Study | Website Design Case Study: Bayou City Bolt

increase in totalform submissions within 90 days

Bayou City Bolt & Supply, a fastener distributor for the Gulf Coast area since 1962, was running a Pay Per Click program with TopSpot when they decided to move forward with a new website. Within the first 90 days of launching their new website, Bayou City Bolt saw a 775% increase in form submissions.

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Case Study | SEO Case Study: Mitchell Crane

increase inform submissions

In its first five months, the new Mitchell Crane website saw a 1500% increase in online conversions from 9 to 144. Organic traffic increased by 187.12%, and the website now averages close to 600 organic visits per month compared to the previous average of 200 visits per month. The website also saw an overall traffic increase of 147.99% and a 292.57% increase in mobile and tablet traffic, which now drives almost 25% of the website's traffic.

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Case Study | Local SEO & Website Design Case Study: Funk Facial Plastic Surgery

Increase InForm Submissions

Dr. Etai Funk, owner of Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, had been an SEO client of TopSpot Internet Marketing since 2011 when he commissioned a new, mobile friendly website for his practice.

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