Pentastar Aviation

Waterford Twp, MI

Pentastar Aviation, a corporate aviation provider, contracted TopSpot Internet Marketing to develop a mobile website that is optimized for smartphones and tablets in 2011. Pentastar Aviation had been using TopSpot for paid search, SEO and website development, but felt adding a mobile friendly site would be the next logical step. This led to a 461% increase in leads, and a 104% increase in mobile site visits.

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BMA Lantern Awards - Award of Excellence

In Brief


Pentastar Aviation had been utilizing paid search ads, SEO & website development since 2009, but did not have a mobile strategy to coincide with their overall strategy. Mobile searches were growing exponentially and all indications were that they would continue to be a growing sector of total web searches.


Pentastar contracted TopSpot to develop a mobile presence including a separate mobile website and mobile-focused marketing strategy.


Pentastar saw a 461% Lead Increase, 101 form submissions as opposed to 18 form submissions during a comparable previous time period, and a 104% increase in mobile site visits.

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