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Conversion improvement or conversion rate optimization is one of the most overlooked and under-utilized website improvement methods. That is why, in addition to our web department, we have a team of web developers with design backgrounds that work directly with our Customer Relationship Teams. These team members, who we call Conversion Improvement Specialists, assist with email campaigns, display ads, remarketing ads, A/B testing, website usability or technical website development tasks... the list goes on and on. CI team members work closely with our search engine optimization (SEO) department to help improve the quantity and quality of your leads. Based in Houston, TX, we work with companies throughout the country, specializing in industrial and B2B websites. 

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Website Usability Improvement

In a recent survey, we found that 89% of those asked agree that difficult navigation would cause them to leave the website and not consider a potential vendor altogether. (Source: TechValidate) Website Usability Improvement is the idea of making a website easy to use and navigate for the end users, so the statistic above doesn’t happen with your website.

Think about the websites you love. We usually love them because things are simple to simple that we didn’t have to think too much. Simple is not a bad thing; it’s actually best practice.

A few items to think about for your website's usability and conversions:

  • Ease of Contact: Do you have contact information listed on your website and is it easy to find? 
  • Navigation: Is your website’s navigation easy to follow? Can visitors find what they are looking for?
  • Content Strategy: Is your content clear and concise? Does it contain the information your end users would need to make a purchase decision?
  • Responsive Design: Is your website easy to view on all devices (phones, tablets and desktop computers)?
  • Calls to Action: Do you offer clear paths to drive leads (phone calls, form submissions, etc.)


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Data Driven Decision Making

As a data driven company, we don't like making recommendations for your website if we don't have the data to back it up. However, the key to being innovative is testing out new ideas that may not have been done before.

This is where A/B Tests created by our Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists come in handy. This allows us to test out new ideas against the current version of your website and use the data to give you an educated recommendation.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Our team was included in Google's Website Optimizer beta program in 2007 (beta was in 2006) and continues to use what we learned today to test and analyze conversions.

Using Google Experiments, our team can create different versions of a landing page and test them against each other with a set goal in mind. In many instances, our Conversion Improvement Team has found that a simple change, such as changing the color of your Contact Us button, can yield big results in conversion rates.

Companies who are constantly testing and analyzing their website are able to create more quality leads with the same amount of traffic.  

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A website's usability lies at the core of our integrated search marketing campaigns.  We understand that providing the end users with a clear path to convert into a lead is key in overall website success. Our specialty is B2B and industurial digital marketing, and we work with businesses throughout the U.S. 

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