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Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with customers and prospects with content specific to each of their needs. How, you ask?

  • Have a product that needs to be replaced or serviced every six months? Why not send out an email campaign 5 months after purchase to remind your new customer that you can help!
  • Just had an awesome project wrap up using some new equipment you've added to your facilities? Why not let your current customers know in case they need something similar.

Whether it's a new case study featuring your company, a new product line or an exciting announcement about your business, email marketing is a great way to reach out to your current & potential clients on your products and service offerings. At TopSpot, our Houston-based team specializes in email marketing for industrial and B2B clients.

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If you think about how you search, you'll realize that it takes multiple touchpoints, or searches over a period of time to make a decision. Google Analytics offers a great report that will detail your specific site visitors’ time to conversion. It's a great way to under your specific audience and provide your sales team with the tools for effective prospect/client follow up.

Time Lag Report:

Time Lag Report:

As you can see from this example, over 11% of this companies online revenue occurred anywhere from 12-90 days after the users initial visit. This happens more often than you'd think!

How You Benefit

B2B Email Marketing Can Help With:

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  • Providing important company updates, special offers or tailored content
  • Contacting a qualified audience who is already interested in your business
  • Being in front of your audience throughout the sales cycle
  • Providing service reminders to past customers
  • Ongoing engagement


How To Get Started

Whether it is presenting updates on your current offerings, new specials or following up with previous contacts, our team offers complete design, distribution and reporting on your email campaigns. We will also help you with deciding how often to send out email campaigns as well as what information to include in them that will be most effective in engaging your clients. Our email marketing services have helped B2B service providers, manufacturers and distributors, as well as local businesses and B2C companies. 

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