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We use Google Analytics data to help your business grow

While we love that Google Analytics is free for anyone to install and use to track their website metrics, what most people don’t know, is that there are many customizations that can take place when installing the code.  In fact, based on our experience, well over 95% of the Google Analytics installations we encounter with our new clients are either done incorrectly or are not tracking important metrics.

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Elaine Kuckertz SEO Specialist

TopSpotter since 2015

Team Geek Fun Fact As an SEO Specialist, Elaine uses Google Analytics every day to understand clients' organic website traffic

Data driving strategies

Google Analytics data helps to guide all of our strategies

With data driving our strategy recommendations, you better believe we know our stuff when it comes to Google Analytics, the powerful, reliable and always evolving platform provided by Google.

As TopSpotters, we are taught from day one not to make decisions based on just one metric, but rather the program as a whole. We even have an entire team dedicated to installing and troubleshooting Google Analytics. In addition to our analytics team, our PPC account managers and our Customer Relationship Teams have passed the Google Analytics IQ exam and understand how to analyze metrics to make data-driven strategies. That is nearly 65% of our company!

We also provide customized reports for your business, allowing us to show you what is currently happening on your website and trends over time. These monthly reports are where we are able to show you the return on your marketing investment.

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of the Google Analytics installations we encounter with our new clients

are either done incorrectly or are not tracking important metrics.

TopSpot has good transparency, professionalism, results, in-depth tracking, and data analysis - all of which help us make good decisions. 

Owner, Industrial Manufacturing Company

Google Marketing Platform Certified Partners

As of January 2017, TopSpot Internet Marketing is a proud member of the Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner track with a certification in Google Analytics. We are the only Google Certified agency in Texas.

Google Analytics Certified Agency

The Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner program is divided into three tracks: Service Partners, Sales Partners and Technology Partners. Certifications are available for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize and Google Data Studio.

The Service Partner track is made up of companies with deep product expertise and a commitment to providing excellent support to their customers. By achieving this status, it means that we’ve demonstrated advanced expertise in Analytics and delivered value-adding services to our clients.

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How We Do It

While Google Analytics is free to install, many elements required to get the most out of your data are not included by default. Our dedicated team of analytics implementation engineers solely focus on installing analytics for our clients. We have an 82 point checklist of what our standard analytics install involves and that list grows as do features and the evolution of tracking technology.


Before going live with a paid search or SEO program, the following steps are taken:

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