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Going beyond digital marketing, "talk shop" with key players in the manufacturing industry.

At TopSpot, a large percentage of our Clients come from the manufacturing and industrial industry. We’ve learned over the years that these businesses make the world go round. It’s a great American tradition, crucial to the global economy, and affects everyone by making the parts and items we use every day. 

In this blog series, we explore the manufacturing and industrial space in depth by interviewing industry professionals on varying topics that matter to businesses of all sizes. From economic concerns like labor shortages to inspiring the next generation, we look to share insights and ideas to make manufacturing stronger, one blog at a time. Check in monthly for a new blog and get valuable takeaways on industry challenges with solutions you can apply to your business. 


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Getting the Most from Industry Associations and Events

May 2024


An Interview with Anne Goyer, President at Goyer Management International   

We spoke to Anne Goyer, President at Goyer Management International, about how industrial associations operate, their benefits beyond events and trade shows, and how to get the most from both association membership and event attendance.   

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The Benefits of Industry Associations

April 2024


An Interview with David Klotz, President of Precision Metalforming Association 

To go deeper into industry associations and their benefits, we spoke with David Klotz, President of Precision Metalforming Association (PMA). He illustrates how involvement in an industry association like PMA is an opportunity for your individual business, its employees, and the industry you serve overall. 

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What Business Owners Need to Know About Industrial Real Estate

February 2024


An Interview with Richard Mason, Vice President at MLB Commercial Real Estate, LLC.  

Looking into industrial real estate this year? The U.S. economy naturally has its ups and downs, but a growing business may not have time to wait for an incline to expand its operating space. 

In our next Industrial Insights blog, we talk to Richard Mason, Vice President at MLB Commercial Real Estate, LLC., who offers tangible advice on industrial real estate.  

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Industrial Marketing for the Electric Vehicle Industry

November 2023


An Interview with Matt Eul, Director of Marketing at JBPCO, EAVX 

The automotive industry is historically volatile as it is impacted by unions, supply chain issues, and developing technologies. However, it is a great opportunity for manufacturers. How do you market your company’s capabilities within this evolving industry?

We spoke with Matt Eul, Director of Marketing at JBPCO, EAVX, to discuss his experience with the automotive industry's rapid innovation and its alignment with advancements in marketing to provide ideas to manufacturers looking to enter the electric vehicle conversation.

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American History, Manufacturing, and the Family-Owned Business

October 2023


An Interview with Aaron Wiegel, President & CEO of Wiegel 

Manufacturing is experiencing a big change in leadership as the baby boomer generation retires, but the challenge of succession may have answers in the industry's history.

In this edition of Industrial Insights, we spoke with Aaron Wiegel, President & CEO of Wiegel, to discuss how his family business made it to third-generation ownership and how its technology and people played a big part.

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Creativity and the Art of Messaging in B2B

August 2023


An Interview with Henry Adaso, Industrial Marketer and Author of The Art of Messaging

When you think of B2B marketing, you may think of spec sheets, white papers, and instructional videos before you think of creativity or brand messaging. But does B2C have a monopoly on creativity?

In this edition of Industrial Insights, we spoke with Henry Adaso, marketer and author of The Art of Messaging, to discuss how B2B and industrial companies can apply creativity and the art of messaging to their marketing strategies. Hear his advice on creating messaging that elicits emotion, inspires, and leads customers to act.

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Manufacturing and Marketing for Growth

July 2023


An Interview with Mark Coronna, Founder and Fractional CMO at The Practical CMO

A business can’t only operate in good times and wait for things to erode during economic down cycles. No longstanding industry would survive that approach—survival is clearly possible, but how can your business thrive too?

We spoke with Mark Coronna, founder and Fractional CMO at The Practical CMO, to discuss how manufacturers can market for growth in any economic climate.


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The Benefits of Industry Information from Industrial Journalism

June 2023


An Interview with Tim Heston, Senior Editor at FMA Communications

Niche journalism, including trade outlets, has risen from traditional print subscriptions to open online resources, taking up a percentage of daily digital consumption and providing valuable insights for industry professionals.

We spoke with Tim Heston, Senior Editor at FMA Communications, to discuss journalism's impact on manufacturing. Learn how trade outlets like The FABRICATOR cover the industry in ways that help businesses, from the fundamentals to advanced technology.

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An Interview with Tim Heston

Recruiting Women and the Next Generation of Manufacturing Through Networking

May 2023


An Interview with Nicole Wolter, President and CEO of HM Manufacturing, Inc.

Furthering our look into the skilled labor shortage, we discuss the importance of recruiting women and how to attract Gen Z workers, regardless of gender, by utilizing networking.

We spoke to Nicole Wolter, President and CEO of HM Manufacturing, Inc, on how to encourage women and the next generation to enter manufacturing and its leadership. 

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Interview with Nicole Wolter

A New Way of Approaching the Skilled Labor Shortage

April 2023


An Interview with Ed Durnulc, Director of the Foundation at the Fabricators and Manufacturing Association (Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs)

In our first edition of Industrial Insights, we discuss how to address the skilled labor shortage by exploring an untapped talent pool and how businesses can benefit from disability inclusion.  

We interviewed Ed Dernulc, Director of Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs (NBT), the charitable foundation of the Fabricators and Manufacturing Association (FMA)—his team is looking to solve this labor shortage by inspiring the next generation and promoting the hiring of professionals with disabilities.  

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