LOOP Analytics' User Behavior Report

Behavioral Data for a Competitive Advantage

Do you ever wonder which companies are visiting your website but not contacting you? 

The B2B Buyer's Journey is complex. From a survey of B2B companies, we found that 59% of businesses request a quote from 3-5 different companies when searching for a new vendor or supplier. We created an addition to LOOP Analytics called the User Behavior Reporting Tool to help our Industrial and B2B clients gain a better understanding of the types of visitors their websites receive. 

With LOOP Analytics’ User Behavior Report, you can view companies visiting your website and understand their behavior once there. You'll gain valuable insights to improve search strategies, your website's user experience, and drive additional conversions. 

  • Get to know your users: Identify companies within target industries visiting your website and understand the types and sizes of each with a "Fortune 500" or "Priority List" tag. 
  • Understand user behavior: See a user's activity across your site, through actions such as page views, downloads, or video views. This gives you data on what is or isn’t leading to conversions. 
  • Capitalize on what works: Use the content that attracts these companies to prioritize keywords and boost your search strategy. 

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Get Notifications for Priority Company Visits Directly to Your Inbox

In addition to having real-time visitor data at your fingertips, receive email notifications whenever a priority company visits your website. You determine these priority companies based on your business and can include Fortune 500 companies. Based on the visitor's activity, you'll see everything from the company name and visitor's location to the pages they viewed, and the actions they take.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions we've heard from businesses like yours who are considering adding this to their marketing toolbelt.


What is an ISP?

TopSpot's Technology Team now utilizes ISP (internet service provider) data to create our own in-house report that provides that same information with additional data on user behavior insights that are also available in real-time.

An internet service provider or ISP is an organization that offers access and use to the internet. Providers like AT&T or Comcast serve as providers for homes and small companies. Large companies, municipalities, and global organizations host their own internet, which allows us to identify them and provide you with visitor data.


Do I have to view irrelevant ISPs?

You do not—while there are hundreds of thousands of irrelevant ISPs out there, we constantly update our list of exclusions to ensure you have clean data.

How do I log in?

Once your new report is enabled, the data is available within your current LOOP Analytics account. You log in as normal, then access your report through the left-hand navigation.






What is the cost associated with this?

There is an initial set-up fee of $175. From there, depending on the features you select, the monthly cost is $50-$125.

How do I get started?

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions within your LOOP Analytics account, let your TopSpot Team know that you're interested in getting the process started.  

If you have already accepted the terms and conditions, you will not be prompted to do so again, making you one step closer to accessing your data. Your Team can then help train your team and answer any questions. 

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