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At TopSpot, we understand that your site is an extension of your company and just like any part of your business, you should understand how it is performing. Monitoring your website’s performance is an important part in ensuring your sales, marketing, and branding efforts are gaining ROI and leading you towards your business goals.

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Dan Armitage Web Production Manager

TopSpotter since 2016

Team Geek Fun Fact Dan Armitage, our web production manager, uses performance reports to inform clients about traffic and leads generated from their websites.

What We Offer Our Clients

Website Reporting & Transparency

A standard analysis from TopSpot includes traffic trends, keyword analysis, user behavior analysis and reporting on phone and website leads generated.  

Program recommendations, progress updates on previously discussed goals, and post-conversion observations are included as well. These reports are a standard monthly deliverable but are also provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis if requested. The data included and presented in each report is what helps our team to make strategy recommendations on everything from the scoping process for a new website to a paid search program to the overall web strategy of each business.

We provide monthly analysis and reporting to our clients. We help identify new opportunities for growth through our strategic recommendations. 

TopSpot has provided us the tools to measure our results in online marketing. This allows us to make informed decisions on budgeting to better align our brand with strategies that work within the scope of our individual marketing objectives.

Marketing Manager  Manufacturing Industry

The team that works with us has been amazing. We have a monthly review that is typically given to us prior to our call so we can be prepared with questions prior. They are always giving us suggestions for improvement and have been very helpful in anything we ask of them.

Tara Gerhardt  Duro-Last Roofing

Custom Reporting

Not every client needs the same information, so there is no cookie cutter method for reporting. That’s why we cater it to the specific needs of your company. For example, a construction company in Dallas is only interested in gaining customer growth in certain Texas counties.

More importantly, we give detailed reports on what areas of our strategy are most effective. We want to put our resources towards what works, and that means breaking down lead and conversion growth to the proper source. Not only do these reports keep you informed, but they also help us re-evaluate and re-strategize.

Accountability Through Analytics

Results and Strategies Meetings

We wouldn't be the company we are today without our customers and we are incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with each and every one of them. We value each opportunity we are given to partner with a new company and understand the trust that is being put into our team. This is why we put such high importance on accountability and transparency, and we do so through our reporting.

of surveyed customers chose their comprehensive reporting

as one of the unique approaches that lead them to choose to work with TopSpot.

On a monthly basis (or more often if you'd like), your team will meet with you to review your detailed monthly report that lays out your traffic, search positioning and trending data for both paid search and search engine optimization. Based on a deep analysis of your data every month, your team be ready to discuss their ongoing digital marketing strategies and tactics geared towards achieving your business goals.

Most importantly, your team will work with you every step of the way to make sure you understand the strategies, reporting, and recommendations they are proposing.

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Call Analytics & Form Tracking

What better way to understand what users are looking for than by their requests coming in through form submissions and website generated phone calls?

Tracking both online & offline conversions gives our team a lot of valuable insights, all of which are reported to you on an ongoing basis. Having access to call & form data from your website is helpful for the following reasons:

  • Call analytics gives our team very helpful insights on our client’s products, how people are interacting with their website, the quality of the phone calls generated by your different channels and trends regarding the time of day and location of those calls.
  • It also gives us a sense of how callers are being greeted and handled on the phone. Are they getting stuck in the phone system, receiving voicemails or not receiving great customer service.
  • How a client’s sales team or representatives interact with a potential lead. What questions do they ask to qualify a lead? How does the sales rep describe their solution and selling points? The answers can be used to create new content, update ad text, recommend new marketing collateral, etc.
  • If the lead is deemed as “good” or “bad” by the client, we can determine what recommendations to make to prevent more “bad” leads.

Did you know? 

In 2017, we introduced our very own proprietary tracking software, LOOP Analytics for our clients.

Loop Analytics is an analytics tool that captures form data and visitor history. Since its launch, we have been working on creating additional features that provide even more insights into our clients’ website’s user behavior. Contact us today to learn more!

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