Our Team:

We take pride in our work, our clients, and our Team

Our commitment to our customers starts with our Team, which is our greatest resource. We value each team member we bring into our organization and focus on their development and future growth at TopSpot from day one. 

Dave Underwood


Get To Know Him Dave Underwood

Anita Valdez

VP of Operations

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Jeff Montgomery

Senior VP of Sales

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Whitney Kane

Director of Client Services

Get To Know Her Whitney Kane

Tim Doyle

VP of Sales

Get To Know Him Tim Doyle

Julia Karnezis

Director of People Experience

Get To Know Her Julia Karnezis

Sara Bentley

Director of Marketing

Get To Know Her Sara Bentley

Jordan Sen

Director of SEO

Get To Know Her Jordan Sen

Josh Blankenship

Director of Business Development

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Amanda Whittington

Director of Paid Media

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Bradley Parker

Director of Web Services

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Who We Are

TopSpot is a search engine marketing firm with an emphasis on accountability, transparency, collaboration, education, and delivering meaningful results for our Clients.    

  • Founded in 2003 with only 5 Team Members  
  • 120+ Team Members   
  • Proudly partnering with over 850+ businesses across the U.S. and abroad - and still working with our first client!  

At TopSpot, we know we could not be the company we are without the hard work and enthusiasm of our Team. While we are headquartered in Houston, we have Team Members across the US, all with diverse backgrounds that provide unique perspectives that allow them to be successful in helping our Clients achieve their goals.

We know that as long as we keep our focus on our Team, and prioritize their well-being, everything else will fall into place. 

Our Core Values

Lead With Passion

Everyone can be a leader in their own way but no one can be a leader without passion. If we lead with passion, our Customers and our Team will see and feel that energy. People want to work with people who love what they do.

People First

The common thread among our Team and Customers is that they are people. Putting people first over everything else means trying on each other's shoes and seeing from someone else’s perspective. For our Customers to have a great experience, we must love what we do and care for each person first.

Always Do the Right Thing

Our reputation is extremely important to us and we must always hold it sacred. Always doing the right thing can be difficult for the bottom line or in a tough situation but we will always strive to stay true to our values and do what’s right, every time.

Own Each Moment

Every moment is an opportunity to create an impression on a Customer, a potential Customer, or a Teammate. Each moment given to us is a privilege that we can treat as a way to learn, evolve, and grow.

Be Better Than Yesterday

Staying humble and understanding that we can always learn, improve, and be better than yesterday is important to our success. When we focus on simply being a little better every day, it compounds and we continue to build an incredible Team, Company, and accomplish amazing things together.

Be Helpful

This value is the core reason why TopSpot exists today. In 2003, our first Customer (who is still a Customer today!) asked us a simple question, “Can you help us get on Google?” Being helpful is why TopSpot exists today and has made it possible to positively impact Customers, Team Members, and our Community. Taking the approach of being helpful leads to new opportunities and possibilities, while creating trust and building relationships along the way.

Our Growing

Team of Specialists

Our Team Members come from all different backgrounds with unique perspectives, but we all have the same common goal, helping businesses across the US grow through digital marketing. Thanks to TopSpot's in-depth onboarding and training process, in addition to ongoing cross-department trainings, our Team Members have the opportunity to grow as TopSpot does.

Many of our Team Members have held positions across different departments as they have grown with TopSpot. For example, the TopSpotter who leads TopSpot's Recruiting & Employee Engagement began her career as an SEO Specialist. One of our Project Managers began his career at TopSpot as an SEM Specialist. Having experience in additional aspects of digital marketing gives our Team a unique advantage and different perspective when approaching new challenges or making strategic recommendations.

We Aim High

Our Recent Accomplishments

We are incredibly proud of the work our Team does to create websites that not only deliver quality results for our Clients, but are also recognized as being above the industry standard by our peers. As TopSpotters, it’s part of who we are to inspire our Team Members, lead with passion to grow & improve every day. Seeing that passion and growth reflected in our recent accomplishments makes it just that much sweeter.

Blog Post

TopSpot Named Best Large Integrated Agency

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have been named 2020’s Best Large Integrated Agency at the US Search Awards! This is the 2nd time our Team has been recognized with this designation since 2018.

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TopSpot Named One of Houston’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work For® in 2021

During a time when companies are facing challenges in what has been a very different year than anyone could have planned, it’s with great pride that we announce we have been named one of Houston’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work For® for the 9th year in a row.



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