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Terryberry increases ROI with targeted PPC Program

Grand Rapids, MI

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Generating Targeted Leads with PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising Program

Terryberry specializes in employee recognition programs with high-quality, custom employee appreciation products, awards and retirement gifts for companies. Their programs & products provide creative ways to reward achievements and loyalty, recognize years of service and motivate employees. Terryberry partnered with TopSpot for both Paid Search and SEO. The goal of their PPC Program was to generate new business leads for Terryberry while reducing spend.



Increase inPPC Driven Form Submissions



Decrease inPPC Spend within 4 Months



Decrease in YOY PPC Spend

In Brief


Terryberry partnered with TopSpot with the goal of decreasing their overall PPC spend while increasing their PPC driven form submissions via the Contact Us, Quick Contact, Demo Request, Request Awards and Product Information Forms.


Terryberry's Customer Relationship Team felt that the company's high consideration product was not being conveyed effectively by the orphan landing pages previously used for their PPC program. Instead, they recommended directing their ads to internal pages that provided more information.


Within the first 4 months, Terryberry saw a 195.00% increase in the number of Contact Us, Quick Contact, Demo Request, Request Awards and Product Information Form Submissions driven by their PPC Program while also producing a 16% reduction in Google & Bing Ads spend.



Full Funnel Visibility

In-Depth Analytics Installation

Prior to launching Terryberry's PPC Program, TopSpot's Analytics Implementation Engineers spent a total of 27 hours on the initial analytics audit and installation.

Google AnalyticsCall Tracking & LOOP Analytics, TopSpot's proprietary form analytics platform, were all installed to assist the team in monitoring and refining Terryberry's program on an ongoing basis.

Our in-depth analytics installation gave the Terryberry team a better understanding of how users were interacting with their website and the online & offline lead quality being generated. This helped both Terryberry and TopSpot create a clear path to a successful long-term strategy that matched their business strategy.





TopSpot's CustomAnalytics Audit & Installation

data driven ppc strategies

Thorough Tracking Installs = Clear Reporting TopSpot's analytics implementation engineers have a 90 point checklist of what our standard analytics install involves and that list grows as do features and the evolution of tracking technology.

Aligning User Intent & PPC Strategies

Terryberry’s product is a high consideration purchase that companies are spending time researching and learning about prior to making a decision. This was not something that their TopSpot Team felt was being conveyed through the orphan landing pages previously being used for their PPC program that TopSpot inherited.

The orphan landing pages created for the PPC program did not contain any navigation to the rest of their website, contained minimal content and featured a large form on each page.

This strategy was meant to drive conversions, but by providing the user with very little information regarding their platform, was not meeting the needs of the user and likely causing them to leave the site without learning about all of the benefits that Terryberry’s platform could provide.

Instead, the team recommended sending users to internal website pages that contained more content, multiple calls to action to different form options and the ability to navigate throughout the website.

By providing more information for each user finding their website through PPC, the TopSpot Team felt confident that update would get them closer to their post-launch PPC goals.

Alternative Internal Landign Page
Sample Orphan Landing Page
Scroll left to right to reveal before and after

Tracked forms include:Contact Us, Quick Contact, Request Demo, Request Awards & Product Information Request



increase in form submissions driven by PPC


increase in leads, decrease in spend

Pay Per Click Results

When comparing their first 4 months with TopSpot versus the previous 4 months, Terryberry saw a significant increase in PPC leads via form submissions while reducing their overall cost. 

Due to the strategic account changes made and the analytics installation that took place prior to launch, the TopSpot team was able to clearly show a 195.00% increase (295 vs. 100) in form submissions driven by their Google & Bing Ads Programs.

When reviewing their Bing PPC Program Results, the refinements made by the TopSpot team resulted in a 107% increase in tracked leads. Based on Terryberry's data, the TopSpot team reduced their Bing Ads spend from 40% of Terryberry's overall budget to 14%. Due to the refinements made upon to taking over their Bing account, the Bing Ads program still accounted for 19% of the paid search program's leads.

Terryberry saw a 16% reduction in Google Ads & Bing spend combined ($89k in clicks spend versus $131k in clicks spend) when comparing the first 4 months of their program to the previous time period. When comparing those same four months to the previous year, Terryberry saw a 32% reduction in spend in Google Ads & Bing combined ($89K in clicks spend versus $131K in clicks spend).



increase in online & offline leadsfrom Bing PPC traffic.





reduction in ad spendingfrom Bing PPC traffic.

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