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Not all leads should be treated equally

While most companies are tracking the number of leads (or form submissions) generated by their website, very few are looking past the number to determine the actual quality of those leads. If your website received 50 form submissions in one month, but 40 of them were solicitations, would that carry the same weight as if 4 of them were? We sure wouldn’t think so and we don’t expect you to either.

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We understand that your website should be like an extension of your sales team and that the leads it brings in can very much be the lifeline of your business. This is why we put so much importance in not just looking at conversions, but evaluating the quality of those conversions. We are also able to tie leads back to the referring source so you are able to measure the true ROI on all of your investments. We want to make sure that your marketing dollars (not just the ones trusted with us) are returning a profit for you.

Form analytics data helps our team stay up to date on your business. The insights we gain based on the information we gather from your form data helps us to find new opportunities to grow your online presence.

Benefits of Form Tracking

Benefits of Measuring Quality Contacts Through Form Tracking

Some of the ways we use website lead analytics to help our clients:

  • Measure the true quality of a conversion
  • Capture the referring source & actual keywords used and user's contact information
  • Apply your form data to sales team follow ups and email campaigns
  • Help bridge the gap between marketing and sales efforts
  • Refine marketing campaigns and target higher performing solutions
  • Quantify the true cost per quality conversion

With form tracking, you will be able to filter out which initiatives and keywords are delivering poor quality leads and more importantly focus on the ones delivering the most quality.

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