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Understanding Your Customer Journey in Today's Complex Landscape

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Did you know that 57% of the customer journey takes place before you ever hear from your prospects?

How are you making sure your business stands out from the rest both during their research process and once they've decided which businesses to consider?

Tune in for a webinar designed to help you understand the journey your prospective customers take, from their first Google search all the way through closing the sale and learn how to make sure your business stands out from the rest.

Did You Know?

Number of changes madeto Google's Search Resultslast year alone


Learn helpful stats on today's search behaviors that can help you get ahead online.

of surveyed organizations have spent more money to work with a business

due to their outstanding customer service.

Learn what tools you have & may be underutilizing that can help you grow your business and how to better analyze your customer service efforts to retain your customers.

Hear what webinar attendees had to say:

Josh has excellent knowledge and great slides. I think he is a great speaker & very informative! Live Webinar Attendee
The objective of "understanding the customer experience" was definitely improved upon! Live Webinar Attendee



Meet the Presenter

Josh currently leads our nine client relationship teams responsible for the on-going internet marketing efforts of over 800 clients. Josh and his team consistently help their clients develop new revenue streams by implementing practical SEO & PPC strategies derived from user behavior metrics. Josh Blankenship Josh BlankenshipClient Strategies Manager

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