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Paid Search & SEO Marketing Agency Houston - TopSpot Internet Marketing

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TopSpot Internet Marketing is a leader in industrial internet marketing. We specialize in building & implementing a full internet marketing strategy that drives pre-qualified traffic to become highly profitable conversions.

Pollution Systems Industrial Internet Marketing Review


Kevin Stevens of Pollution Systems, an industrial air pollution solutions company, discusses how TopSpot Internet Marketing's search engine optimization services increased their web presence in Google and pay-per-click advertising assisted with the growth of their market in Mexico.

Bison ProFab B2B Internet Marketing Review


Brad Pladson of Bison ProFab, a custom electrical enclosures company, describes how a new website and search engine optimization services from TopSpot Internet Marketing increased their leads from organic traffic.

Metal Coatings B2B Industrial Internet Marketing Testimonial


Tim Mullen of Metal Coatings Corp, an industrial coating services company, examines how TopSpot Internet Marketing's integrated internet marketing services helped his company grow his customer base and increase ROI.

B2B Industrial Mobile PPC Testimonial - Nationwide Plastics


Chris Jones, VP of Nationwide Plastics explains how TopSpot's integrated internet marketing strategies of web development, search engine optimization and pay per click program helped his B2B company. In particular, his mobile PPC campaign brought a 873% increase of mobile traffic.

Regal Plastics - B2B Internet Marketing Testimonial


Wayne Gono of Regal Plastics, a plastics supply company, explains how TopSpot Internet Marketing team transformed his business through web development, pay per click and SEO.

Manufacturing Internet Marketing Testimonial - Air Filters, Inc


Anthony Dimicelli of Air Filters, Inc describes being a client of TopSpot Internet Marketing since 2004. Using TopSpot's search marketing strategies, Google AdWords PPC management and e-commerce website development, Air Filters has grown $14 million dollars in internet sales in the past five years.

Stainless Drains - B2B Website Testimonial


Shelia Heller of Stainless Drains, an industrial drain manufacturer, explains how the TopSpot Internet Marketing team built and marketed a website which increased their qualified leads.

MODx Introduction & Walkthrough - TopSpot Internet Marketing


MODx is an open-source PHP CMS that enables our clients to have full control of their website's content and layout.

Phone Call Tracking & Analytics - TopSpot Internet Marketing


Call Tracking is an analytics solution provided by TopSpot Internet Marketing. Call Tracking allows businesses to measure the 'offline' conversions, which are typically phone calls. Our call tracking solution enables your business to listen and measure the phone calls. No additional hardware is needed. Setup is quick and easy!

How To Find Your Mobile Traffic in Google Analytics


Here's a quick Google Analtyics tip from TopSpot Internet Marketing to figure out the mobile traffic to your website.

How to Find Your Internal Site Search in Google Analytics


Discover how to use Google Analytics to analyze internal site search data. Contact us to discuss Google Analytics installation and content strategy.

How to Set Up Site Search Tracking in Google Analytics


Discover how to set up site search tracking by identifying search query parameters and configuring Google Analytics. Please contact TopSpot Internet Marketing for information on Google Analytics installation.

How To Find Your Mobile Traffic Trends in Google Analytics


Part II of the Mobile Traffic Google Analytics Tips from TopSpot Internet Marketing. Find your trends over time!

How to View Your Mobile Traffic in Google Analytics


On April 21, 2015 Google is officially making mobile-friendliness a ranking signal, which is predicted to make a large impact on mobile search results. This means that if you do not have a mobile-friendly version of your site, your mobile visibility, traffic and conversions could be impacted. Knowing how much mobile traffic and conversions you’re actually receiving to your site is really important for estimating the potential impact this mobile update may have on your site.

How to View Google Analytics for SEO


Google Analytics is a web analytics solution from Google that reports traffic and other metrics about your website’s performance. It offers tons of great data to make decisions for your website, but knowing where to begin with all the information can be tough. Here are a few ways to look at organic and paid data specifically to make decisions.

Search Marketing Strategies for Manufacturers by Google & TopSpot


Search Marketing Strategies for Manufacturers by Google & TopSpot

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