Web Production Manager

At TopSpot, our Team Members help businesses grow across the US by generating quality online leads for their clients.

As a Web Production Manager, you will be responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of the Web Production team who oversees web-related support tasks as well as mini-projects that help our Marketing teams scale their development/design needs.

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The Role

If you are driven by creativity and tend to think outside the box, this is the role for you.

 The Web Production Manager is responsible for overseeing the scope, prioritization, implementation, and communication of short-term web development projects that align with our CRT’s strategies to generate quality online leads for our Customers. This individual will manage a Team and strategically collaborate among our Customer Relationship Teams, Web Team, Analytics Team, and TopSpot Customers directly in their role. Not only will this role deliver projects in a fast-paced, team environment, they contribute to the evolution of our Web strategies and best practices. A successful Team Member in this role is highly collaborative, solutions-oriented, customer focused, and highly strategic in their approach. 

My work is always challenging as it should be, and I learn so much from everything I do. Better yet, the TopSpot management team never stops trying to make things better for us and allows me to grow and do what I love. An Lieu An LieuLead Programmer TopSpotter Since 2012

Essential Functions

  • Oversee the prioritization and development of short-term Web production projects including scoping, planning, scheduling based on resources, monitoring performance, and coordinating clear communication among Team Members and Clients. 
  • Lead a Team of Web Developers in their strategic planning, development work, collaboration, and customer service through 1:1 meetings, department collaboration, and consistent feedback. You are a leader that is comfortable holding yourself and Teammates accountable to TopSpot standards and client business objectives to generate results and provide positive client experiences. 
  •  Display a commitment to a positive Customer Experience by supporting our Team and Customers. This can include accurate scoping, clear expectations, setting timelines and meeting targets, training, problem solving for the best, most effective solution in a situation. 
  •  Strategically plan and collaborate with Customer Relationship Teams and with other Teammates across the organization to manage scopes, workloads, budgets, and client priorities.  
  •  Communicate proactively among Teammates & Manager if/when work is on track or off-track to manage risks and develop plans accordingly. 
  •  Communicate with Customers where applicable in a way that instills confidence and makes technical information approachable to any audience. You may participate in in-person visits, Zoom/video calls, phone calls, and email. You are someone who isn’t afraid to pick up the phone! You are also thoughtful & intentional about a personalized customer experience, and this shows through your communication and helpfulness with Customers and Teammates on progress, results, timelines, and deliverables. 
  •  Partner with all departments across TopSpot in alignment with Company vision and goals. Every department contributes to creating opportunities for our Customers, providing a great experience, and retaining our Customers. Examples include: 
    • Partner with Sales to surface trends among projects and Customers to present potential growth opportunities.  
    • Collaborate with Project Managers and other members of the Web Department to surface trends and patterns among Clients to continuously improve standards and approach 
    • Align with Customer Relationship Teams on scoping and needs/goals of the Customers.  
    • Proactively follow up on the results and lead impact of web production projects through reporting, Google Analytics, and lead monitoring tools 
  • Strategically identify areas to create greater efficiencies, improve our processes & results, and support our best practices and standards in SEO, SEM, Web Design & Development, Analytics, & Video.   
  •  Continuously stay updated on the Digital Marketing Industry & Industrial/B2B spaces to grow your knowledge and build credibility with Teammates and Customers. This includes Google Alerts, Webinars, email lists for industry websites, or social platforms like LinkedIn to keep a pulse on digital marketing, leadership best practices, and thought leadership in the spaces. 

The Must Haves

Your qualifications that make you the ideal candidate


  • Experience leading a team to meet goals and deliver successful outcomes. You are capable of guiding, coaching, and having constructive conversations. 
  • Experience working with multiple clients or brands at once and approaching each with a high level of personalization. You are flexible and adaptable in responding and accommodating reasonable changes in priorities, timelines and communicating proactively through them.  
  •  Customer service experience where you’ve served as a main point of contact, communicating frequently and intentionally with Customers through all communication forms (email, video, phone, in-person). You operate with a sense of urgency and a bias for action that instills confidence in your reliability and results.  
  •  Ability to translate complex information, data, and summarize in a way that’s approachable and meaningful to different stakeholders. You can zoom out when necessary to view a project, situation, or challenge holistically to come to the best solution. 
  •  Proficiency & experience in HTML and CSS and common Content Management Systems like WordPress 
  •  Working knowledge of digital marketing industry & web design and development 
  •  Excellent communication skills, which include active listening and critical thinking. This role may require interfacing with Customers directly and consistent, proactive, timely, and intentional communication with Customers & Teammates are an expectation as part of a great Customer experience.  
  •  Strong organizational and time management skills. Experience with tracking time, managing resource utilization, and forecasting time, workload, and bandwidth through a Project Management tool are a plus.  
  •  Strong problem solving & critical thinking skills. You can perform a root-cause analysis, listen actively, and collaboratively develop solutions that are most helpful and appropriate considering all angles of a challenge/problem and putting yourself in your Teammate’s and Customer’s shoes.  

This is a hybrid role in Houston, TX with remote options in Texas (outside of Houston) upon approval. 

Preferred Technical Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in front-end development and JavaScript 
  • Experience with a variety of Content Management Systems 
  • Experience with browser developer tools for testing, debugging and validating code 
  • Previous work experience at a marketing agency or project management capacity 
  • Familiarity with marketing analytics & lead qualification tools; Google Analytics Certification a plus 
  • B2B or Industrial experience 
  • Proficiency in Project Management tools like MavenLink, Basecamp, Monday.com, and/or Trello 

The Perks

Here area few of the benefits you'll enjoy

Department Training

Department Training

At TopSpot, the learning never ends! Take part in a variety of PPC department training programs that help you stay ahead of the curve.

Education Manager

Education Manager

Our TopSpot Education Manager helped to create customized programs to ensure you'll always have resources available!

Competitive Benefits

Competitive Benefits

We pride ourselves on providing a competitive benefits package, including paid time off, health & dental benefits, and more. 

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