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Real-Time Lead Alerts

Google Analytics is able to tell you specifics about user behavior, including the location and demographics of a user.

Our user behavior reports dig deeper than most, showing specific companies visiting your website and their activity. But what if you wanted real-time alerts with additional company and contact information?

That is exactly what you get with VisitorView, a business development tool that delivers website intelligence about who is visiting your website.

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Understanding a User's Website Behavior 

TopSpot utilizes a tool that monitors and reports on companies visiting your website in real-time, called VisitorView. This business development tool allows you to be alerted when a certain company visits your site, or a particular activity happens. Think of it as caller-ID for your website.

Benefits of VisitorView

  • Set up “triggers” to email your sales team when a particular company visits your site. You can set up alerts based on: Pages Viewed, Keywords, Location, Company Name, Industry.
  • Utilize this information to “target” companies who have shown interest in your business.
  • Provide the information they may be interested in by watching their patterns. (Products, Services, Data Sheet, Drawings, etc.)
  • Gives detailed information on each company, including details on specific employees so that you can narrow down a potential contact and identify key decision makers.
  • Share this information with your sales team as potential “warm” leads for them to follow up on.

In addition to the analytics dashboard, shown here, you are also provided with in-depth lead and visitor data in addition to lead scoring capabilities.

We rely heavily on the website for leads, providing information about our products and services and for ongoing information through blogs. TopSpot has kept our site up-to-date and able to maintain a high level of visibility to those that search for a type of product and services.

Daniel Boehm, Spectrum Corp.

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