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Drive Leads Through Continual Testing

Over the years, we have found that even the smallest changes, such as the color of a button, can yield big results. If you could create a simple test to determine if your site drove more form submissions if your website’s Contact Us button was green instead of blue, and the results would drive more leads for your business each month, wouldn’t you?

Now that you know that this option exists, how do you determine where to start testing?

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Team Geek Fun Fact At TopSpot, we have a full team of Conversion Optimization Specialists who utilize tools like Google Optimize and Hotjar to determine the best variables to test on your site and whether or not an A/B Test or Multivariate test is the best route.

Website A/B Testing Services

A/B Testing is the process in which two slightly different versions of the same page are shown to users with the end goal of determining which page your website users prefer the most.

Improving leads with A/B testing is about knowing what works from the outset. Much like a scientist forms a hypothesis based on their expertise, A/B testing must be planned properly to achieve the best results.

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A/B Testing at Work Our team used an A/B test to determine what action driving verbiage worked best for a client. The result was a 62.5% increase in online form submissions for the business once the winning variation was implemented.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is a more advanced form of testing in which multiple variables of any given web page are tested to determine the best version of the page. When this testing is run correctly, it creates solutions to help the different elements of your site work together to drive the desired outcome. Multivariate testing gives your optimization process a boost by allowing you to test any element on your site including colors, layout, photos, content, etc.

So Many Advantages

A/B and Multivariate testing from TopSpot:

  • Takes the guesswork out of determining what your audience is looking for
  • Can determine the length of the test by timeframe, amount of traffic or conversions
  • Gives you the option to determine the KPIs to test such as visits to additional pages, downloads, form submissions, etc.
  • Uses their findings to apply the same principles to additional pages throughout the site
  • Can make a good website great
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multivariate testing example

The bottom line, companies who are constantly testing and analyzing their website are able to create more conversions (sales or leads) with the same amount of traffic. Why wouldn’t you want that?

TopSpot has provided us the tools to measure our results in online marketing. This allows us to make informed decisions on budgeting to better align our brand with strategies that work within the scope of our individual marketing objectives.

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Why TopSpot? 

At TopSpot, our customer relationship teams will work with you to ensure that every piece of your website’s puzzle fits together, and A/B and multivariate testing allows them to have the data to back it up.

We bring data to the forefront, and our marketing revolves around it, taking the guesswork out of your website marketing decisions.

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