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Premier Google Partner

TopSpot has been managing Google AdWords programs for businesses of all sizes since 2003. We are part of the Google Partner program, meaning that we are a Google-certified agency and our team members hold the following qualifications:

  • Google Analytics IQ
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Video Ads
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Google Mobile Advertising

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As a Premier Google Partner, TopSpot works with dedicated Google representatives (Strategic Partner Manager, Account Manager, and Trainer)  on everything from customer service to AdWords account strategies. We also have access to betas before they’re released to the general public as well as special incentives for our current and prospective clients. 

Did You Know

Did You Know

One of our founders, Anita Perez, was one of the first 100 people in the world to be AdWords Certified!


TopSpot also hosts events around the country each year that feature a speaker from Google as well as TopSpot. Sign up for our to be notified when these free events are in your area.

Understanding Your Website Traffic

In addition to our in-depth setups, we also provide very detailed reporting to help grow the breadth of your site and entire website strategy. Meaning, your team will not only report on what your PPC visitors are doing once they arrive to your website, they will also provide analysis on behavioral data from ALL website traffic.

Reporting on your incoming website leads that you get from phone calls and form submissions is also available in addition to VisitorView, a business development tool we provide as an option to our clients.

We understand that their research phase is on-going and your consistent presence is important. This is why we place so much emphasis on the user behavior behind the searches and not just the search phrases themselves helping you to stay in front of your audience without breaking the bank. 

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Looking Beyond the Keywords

When you sign up with TopSpot, you get more than a team of professionals managing your paid listings. Your PPC team will help establish an integrated digital strategy that can include – Bing Ads, Yahoo (Gemini), LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in addition to AdWords PPC management.

Within each platform, there are a variety of features and programs that we will also take advantage of in promoting your business. For Google PPC, those areas include YouTube, Google Shopping, Remarketing, Display Targeting, Mobile Targeting, Geographic Targeting & more!

Additional Features & Benefits of PPC Advertising in AdWords Include:

Keywords & Negative Keywords - We understand the importance of targeting a specific audience that will ensure a positive return on your investment. A TopSpot PPC program will include extensive keyword research to ensure we identify as many product specific, relevant phrases that make sense for your business. We not only research keywords to bid on, but also negative keywords to ensure the allotted budget is utilized to attract relevant users. 

Google Campaign Structure
Your program will be categorized in a way that makes sense to your business goals, which will assist with budget allocation and optimum exposure.
Budget Allocations
Based on your account goals, we will manage bid adjustments and monitor impression share, to optimize your budget toward your target audience.
Bid Modifiers
Our AdWords Account Managers modify bids to be more or less competitive during hours that make the most sense for your online strategy.

Ad Extensions - After determining the extensions that fit your business, we will always be implementing and testing to identify winning combinations. We also make it a point to keep these as targeted as possible by optimizing extensions at the ad group level, making sure your call extensions aren’t running when you aren’t available to answer the phone, and testing out new extensions on a small subset of our accounts before implementing on all of them.

Not sure what you need? Not to worry! We will craft a strategy that makes sense for your budget and allows us to effectively drive a targeted audience to your website.

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We have experience working with businesses of all sizes from Houston and beyond. The industries listed below are just are a small sample of specialized industries we have experience in creating successful PPC programs for:

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Our team will conduct thorough research when setting up your program and make continuous refinements to ensure budget and exposure are maximized once it is live. In addition, your account manager will provide you with both top level and granular reports to help guide not only your PPC strategy, but your overall digital strategy.

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