Content Optimization Case Study

All-Star Tire Gets a Performance Lift for New Offerings Without Losing Traction on Core Products and Services 

Increase in organic traffic
(11,285 vs 9,423)
Increase in organic form submissions
(212 vs 180)
Increase in pay-per-click form submissions
(96 vs 68)

 When comparing 2022 performance to 2021 


All-Star Tire saw increased competition in the search landscape for local area forklift parts and services, which included large national brands, and needed to maintain their rankings. Additionally, the company was looking to expand its business to include forklift sales and rentals, needing to enter a new search landscape that was equally competitive.


TopSpot narrowed in on what content could provide a boost to parts and services using data and analytics pulled from Google Analytics and our proprietary tool Loop, which looks at each lead’s journey to conversion. The Team then adjusted the site content to compete with the incoming competition. Finally, research was conducted to learn about the search landscape for forklift sales and rentals, adding site content to introduce the company to the space.


Website form submissions increased by 18.58% (402 vs 339) compared to the previous year and doubled high-quality leads for forklift sales and rentals. The company had one of its best revenue years ever, resulting in end-of-year bonuses for the All-Star team. 

About the Company

Industry: Automotive   Location: Houston, TX

All-Star Tire Company was founded in 2000 and offers forklift tires, parts, and services—recently expanding its product line to include forklifts and forklift rentals. With a fleet of eight service vehicles and a service area covering Houston and its surrounding counties, All-Star Tire specializes in tire cost-per-hour tracking and detailed fleet surveys. They offer industrial tire service to major market segments such as construction, lumber, and warehousing with on-call emergency services 24-7.

All-Star Tire began partnering with TopSpot in 2016 for paid search, plus call and form analytics, with SEO services added the following year. Capitalizing on our integrated approach, they launched a new SEO-optimized website corresponding to the opening of a new office in 2020.

Keeping Up Momentum with Strategy Tune-Ups 

Ranking #1 organically for the search “forklift tires Houston”.


Ranking high for specific service areas such as foam fill services.


The forklift industry has big-name brands like Toyota and Mitsubishi dominating the search landscape. With these juggernauts and thousands of shops in the mix, competing at a broad and national level can be challenging. For All-Star Tire, localization worked, but search results were getting crowded with new competitors. TopSpot's strategy centered on the recently updated website—conducting testing and then updating content to drive results in both organic and paid search. To do this, the TopSpot Team focused on local business optimization by enhancing the map pack and reworking the schema markup, meaning updating the code that helps search engines characterize and categorize content from web pages. Top-ranking search terms include forklift tires Houston, forklift parts Houston, and forklift service Houston. For a business that saw most of its revenue coming from repeat customers, the year saw increases in form submissions from new customers and form submissions overall. 

Site navigation updated to include forklifts for sale and rent.

User Intent Drives Service Strategy

Central to TopSpot’s recommendations when creating strategies for paid search and SEO is that the search defines the user. Keeping that in mind when creating content and keeping tabs on what users are already searching for ensures nothing gets overlooked. Using lead information and guidance from All-Star, the Team narrowed in on specific keywords and created content highlighting the company’s competitive edge when it comes to service. All-Star Tire is unique in that it can calculate replacement needs and schedule recurring services based on those calculations, meaning minimal downtime and less unplanned maintenance. To highlight this, the Team did a data review of the section and launched a content optimization and expansion strategy in March 2022. The results saw better placement in the search landscape for specific local services like foam fill and tire sealant services. 

A New Site Gets a Lift: Introducing Forklift Sales and Rentals 

After the site initially launched, All-Star Tire found a market for selling and renting forklifts. To accommodate this new revenue stream, TopSpot adjusted the site’s navigation to include forklift purchases and rentals first, then folding in new priority keywords to bolster search in this new territory. After the addition, the average lead per month for sales and rentals was 2-3, with 17 conversions between January and July. Once launched in August of 2022, the number doubled to 5-6 leads per month and ended with 34 leads. The team discovered that leads via the website tended to convert sooner due to user intent and urgency, while pay-per-click drove in more calls. This increase from each source saw steady growth in conversions:

With the website central to our integrated strategy, adaptability is key to keeping up with changes while maintaining conversion growth. 

Marketing Requires Maintenance 

Just as you do with forklifts and other equipment essential to operations, a website and search strategy require maintenance to remain effective. A site requires constant monitoring, data analysis, and testing to ensure its performance continues to meet business goals. The search landscape of each product and service should also be monitored to keep your business populating relevant searches and driving conversions. All-Star Tire recognizes the need for constant servicing of marketing efforts and an integrated approach, and their collaboration with TopSpot led to a record revenue year and well-deserved bonuses for its team. 

Client Testimonial

"This company has delivered consistent results for us. The return on our capital investment has been outstanding."



Stevie Awards

American Business Awards Gold Stevie Winner for Marketing Campaign of the Year - Automotive - Vehicles

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