B2B e-commerce Website Development case study

B2B Company sees 118% increase in online revenue with new eCommerce website

Increase in Overall Website Generated Revenue
Increase in PPC Driven Transactions
Increase in Organic Driven Transactions

within 90 Days Of launch


Altius was looking to create a new mobile-friendly website that would drive users to be more engaged and convert. Though they were running a paid search program, their website was not converting as much traffic as they would have liked.


The new site was redesigned and expanded to be more representative of Altius’ particular expertise. Using SEO for its framework, the new site was optimized and more user-friendly.


Due to the integrated approach taken by TopSpot, there was a 98.23% (223 vs. 113) increase in transactions in the first nine months post-launch, as well as a 118.05% ($124,290.00 vs $57,001.00) increase in revenue during the same time period.

About Altius Technical Services

Industry: Professional Services    Location: Headquartered in Houston, TX


Altius Technical Services is a leading industrial rope access company with training centers around the world. Utilizing behavior and search query data from their current paid search program, the TopSpot Team built a new website for Altius that focused on providing a great user experience through content and ease of use.

Improving the Website Architecture

The first thing the TopSpot Team did was to make sure SEO was the driving force behind the structure and content strategy of the website. The Customer Relationship Team worked with Altius to develop a new sitemap that included a focus on usability.

Search query data from the pay-per-click program was used to identify high-converting terms that should be included as landing pages or content on the new site. This content would help increase conversions for both SEO and PPC efforts post-launch.

Within 9 Months, Paid Search Driven Lead & Transaction Rate Increased By

Growing Organic Search Traffic Through Content

Additional content was created to expand upon Altius’ service offerings, with more information concerning the training courses, what they entail, and what a student can expect when they attend. An FAQ page was also created. These pages served to increase the site’s usability, as well as drive organic search traffic.

New pages were developed for the cities where Altius maintains training centers, and location links were included throughout the site. These pages included information about upcoming classes, prices, and information on the course itself. If a user was ready to sign up for a class or ask questions, these options would be easily available.

Growth in Organic Sessions Over First 9 Months.

The redesign also included a larger focus on what makes Altius stand out. This was accomplished through the use of custom images that showcase the training facilities and staff. The footer was designed to emphasize the certifications of the training staff, making it easy for a user to see the company’s qualifications from anywhere on the site.

award winning services website design
responsive b2b website design

Focusing on User Experience

The new website was created with a design that provided opportunities to book a course or make a purchase throughout each page. The calls to action were strategically placed where the user would naturally find them. Also, instead of just being able to book a course, the calls to action included the ability to ask a question or request pricing. Additionally, the eCommerce checkout experience for the user was drastically improved with pre-filled forms.

Increase in Mobile- Generated Revenue During First 90 Days

Surpassing Expectations

It can take time to notice improvements in traffic once a new site is launched. However, due to the integrated approach
the TopSpot Team used for Altius' eCommerce web development project, the increase in conversions and revenue was dramatic.

Increase in website driven revenue
Increase in paid search driven transactions
Increase in organic driven transactions

within 9 months Of launch


award winning b2b professional services website

WebAward for Standard of Excellence in the B2B Website & Professional Services Website Categories

award winning b2b professional services ecommerce website

Hermes Creative Awards in B2B Website & Professional Services Website Categories

 Gold Award winner for Business Services Website

Stevie Awards – American Business Awards, Gold Award for Business Services Website

award winning b2b professional services ecommerce website

AVA Awards, Platinum Winner for B2B Website and Professional Services Website Categories

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