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Analytics Case Study

EagleLIFT Lays the Foundation for More Leads in Target Zip Codes

increase in page views
from target areas.
increase in conversions
from the state of California.
users converted as a result of
using Zip Code Finder.

in the first six months after the program adjustment


EagleLIFT wanted to understand the location of its users to drive leads from target markets, including key communities in the Bay Area. This market is a major opportunity for their second location in Northern California.


Website content additions that aligned with customized analytics tracking were added to improve the website's performance and conversions in these targeted areas. Solutions included expanding existing pages under the “Areas Served” navigation drop-down and the addition of a Zip Code Finder.


Through TopSpot's custom analytics installation, user behavior by zip code is tracked and analyzed, offering the company better lead data for this second business location. This zip code data is only tracked when inputted by the user to comply with privacy laws. These changes increased page views, conversion rates, and quality leads for the areas targeted.

EagleLIFT's website featuring areas served

EagleLIFT's website featuring areas served


About EagleLIFT

Industry: Construction    Location: California

EagleLIFT offers structural foundation repair and infrastructure rehabilitation services to California, Nevada, and Arizona. They have over 20 years of experience providing quality engineering services in foundation repair, soil stabilization, crawl space solutions, and major commercial construction projects. They came to TopSpot in 2018 for a new website and to improve their presence in the search landscape.

Creating an SEO/PPC Infrastructure for Areas Served

Prior to these program changes, location targeting via SEO and PPC was done at the state level, not at a regional level, despite having more specific area pages on their site. To increase website visitors for that second location, TopSpot expanded existing pages under the “Areas Served” navigation drop-down with content on specific communities served and a list of zip codes to increase SEO and PPC performance. By adding this specific content, search engine algorithms can rank the content higher for the newer areas when searched by a user located in one of these zip codes.

Once a user is on an area page and reads the informational content on services, a headline called "Where We Work" was added to specify available locations further and includes smaller cities and communities. A headline for "Zip Codes" was added below that to get even more granular for SEO purposes and allow prospects to ensure service is available to them.

This effort conducted in the summer of 2022 yielded increases in page views by over 235% after implementation when compared to the first half of that year. Looking into 2023 with a full year's worth of data, the Bay Area specifically saw 950 new users with a 46% increase in engagement rate.

Services section

Going beyond terms like “Bay Area” to provide specific communities and zip codes served.

Organic search results targeting the Bay Area.

Organic search results targeting the Bay Area.

Constructing the Right Messaging with B-SMART

TopSpot prioritized helpful content and utilized our B-SMART Method while focusing on localization. Location-derived keywords were added thoughtfully via page segmentation and in front of certifications, service types, and processes. For example, one headline used was "San Francisco Foundation Repair Using Chemical Grouting and Foam Jacking". The listed counties, communities, and zip codes were added lower on the scroll to ensure priority content that met user intent was seen first. This strategy ensured that both SEO and PPC rankings stayed strong while meeting the challenge of understanding leads and identifying their locations.

Drilling Down Lead Location by Using a Zip Code Finder

Google Analytics does not track location by zip code, and demographic results seen in the tool are IP-based approximations to comply with evolving privacy laws. The locations were reviewed and quantified via form submission before TopSpot added a Zip Code Finder to the homepage. Along with the website feature, a custom install in Google Analytics was added (both UA and GA4) to track its traffic and conversions. If the zip code entered is serviced, a quote submission form populates for an instant response. Again, all data collected was provided by the user.

users turned to the Zip Code Finder in the first 6 months after launch.
conversion rate of users who engaged with the Zip Code Finder.
form submissions from users who engaged with the Zip Code Finder.


AMA Crystal Awards

2023 AMA Crystal Award for Digital Marketing: Google Analytics

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