B2B Call Analytics Case Study

Heritage Equipment Company

Plain City, OH

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Project Type

Integrated Internet Marketing Program

How We Helped

  • Call Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Website Design & Development

About Heritage Equipment

Heritage Equipment Company has 30 years of experience providing equipment for the dairy, beverage, and a wide variety of other commercial and industrial fluid industries. A client since 2007, Heritage Equipment was originally an account who solely had our Paid Search management services. Heritage Equipment then added SEO services, and we developed a new website for them. In December of 2012, they included call tracking to their services to gather more data.

Especially for B2B companies, phone calls can often make up the majority of a site’s conversions. Because phone calls are instrumental to tracking ROI and provide valuable data, TopSpot Internet Marketing offers website call tracking among our services.

However, not all of our clients take advantage of tracking their calls. We have several clients who decided to start including tracking their offline conversions after experiencing how our integrated internet strategies helped their business. With this comparison of data, we now had the full picture of how many offline conversions the clients’ websites were generating.


If you are not tracking your phone calls, you aren’t closing the loop on the efficacy of your website. You are also not receiving all the important data call tracking provides to assist in making future decisions for your business. Contact TopSpot Internet Marketing to include Website Call Tracking in your Analytics today.

Increase InTracked Online Leads

Comparing the 6 months before call tracking to the 6 months after, a 363% increase in conversions was captured. We discovered that Heritage Equipment received 1.7 calls for every online form submitted.

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