Associated Spring Raymond: Heatmap Case Study

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Associated Spring RAYMOND is a custom springs manufacturer and customer of TopSpot Internet Marketing since 2007. After launching a new website with a Catalog Data Solutions (CDS) catalog integration in 2014, they began ongoing Search Engine Optimization with one of TopSpot’s Customer Relationship Teams (CRTs). A few years after the new website launch and with a goal to keep moving results forward, the CRT along with the Conversion Improvement department decided to install heat mapping software onto the ASR website to understand more clearly how visitors were using the Catalog Data Solutions faceted search.




After reviewing the heat map data, the team identified that:

  • Users were scrolling through the table to hover over products.
  • Over 1/3 of all users used the "See More Results" button at the bottom of the page.


Without Heat Map

Without heat map

With Heat Map

With Heat Map


Analysis showed that even though visitors were using the filters, they weren’t narrowing down the selection of products enough causing them to select the more results option.

Heat Map Data


As a result of this analysis, the TopSpot team designed a new layout for the page and worked with CDS to update the filter functionality to go from a traditional faceted search to a horizontal product search with fewer options. The team first implemented the updated layout on one of the more popular product categories, Gas Struts.

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130% Increase

In Form Submissions

After six months with the updated design and filter functionality, the Associated Spring RAYMOND website saw a 130.65% increase in form submissions for Gas Strut products, indicating that the new filter design was a better experience for visitors to narrow down their needs and then convert. The website’s form conversion rate increased by 126.12% and form abandonment decreased by 35.59%

558 before
1287 after

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