Digital Marketing for B2C Companies

Increase Your Website's Visibility & Brand Engagement

At TopSpot, we help business-to-consumer (B2C) companies in many industries with their digital marketing efforts. Whether you’re a retail store, e-commerce retailer or any type of business that sells products directly to consumers, we develop strategies that not only drive revenue but generate brand awareness to grow your business and customer loyalty.

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Build Brand Awareness with an Integrated Approach

For direct to consumer businesses, the landscape is competitive and getting your brand out there can be too. We work to make your website, SEO and PPC programs consistent with your brand to differentiate your business and stay top of mind for your customers who may have many choices. By getting your message out in your content strategy, SEM ad text, web design & development, and social media, your digital marketing can and should influence your brand awareness.


We develop unique SEO strategies to help convert content and achieve higher organic rankings.


Our pay-per-click strategies offer immediate solutions by driving targeted traffic to your website.


Remarketing is a great way to stay top of mind with customers and build brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Staying in your customers’ inbox is a great way to nurture relationships and keep them in the loop on your offerings.

Social Ads

Whether it's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, Social Media Ads are a great way to stay in front of your target audience.

Connecting Directly With Consumers in the B2C Space

We have experience in designing websites and developing internet marketing strategies for B2C businesses of all sizes and types including:

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Drive Conversions from Your Marketing

B2C companies are focused on one important thing -- driving sales and conversions. We take an integrated approach to our search engine marketing that’s focused on that very thing. We even have a team specifically for improving conversions.

We're constantly testing and analyzing to drive quality conversions for our customers. Even small changes like updating a button color or calls to action can make a big impact.

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Generate New Customers

For B2C companies, generating new customers is how you generate sales. We work with you to target new customers through search engine optimization and pay-per-click ads. Starting with keyword research to the actual execution of programs, our decisions are driven by data and getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

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Deliver a Great Customer Experience

The experience users get with your business starts from their first relevant search. Your placement in search engines to the look of your website to the voice they hear when calling your business on the phone -- we want the experience for your customers to be so good that they don’t search for your products or services again, they only choose you.

See how we helped this plastic surgeon grow appointment requests by over 300%

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With half of this facial plastic surgeon's website traffic coming from a mobile device, TopSpot combined a new responsive website that provided a better customer experience and brand experience along with a B2C SEO strategy designed to drive online form submissions. 

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Awards for Our B2C Websites

We’re not all industrial. We’ve successfully built and marketed standard and e-commerce websites for B2C companies that have improved online visibility, improved brand recognition and driven new business.


  • 2017 dotCOMM Award for Small Business Website
  • 2017 Bronze American Business Award for Best Overall Web Design
  • 2017 Bronze American Business Award for Best Overall User Experience
  • 2017 IAC Award for Best Hobby Website
  • 2017 American Advertising Award Citation of Excellence for Consumer Website
  • 2016 Silver W³ Award for Consumer Goods
  • 2016 MobileWebAward for Outstanding Mobile Website
  • 2016 WebAward for Outstanding Website in Sports Industry

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Develop a Social Media Strategy


social media marketing for consumer brands

In today’s world, having a social presence is now a necessity for any business. What if you could develop your social strategy with data from your website and your users? We can help to develop your social following and engagement with your business through social media ads and data-driven recommendations. We’ll report on it for you too.

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No matter what kind of company you are in the B2C space, TopSpot’s experience and award winning digital marketing strategies are focused on the KPIs that matter most to you. Whether its driving new orders through your e-commerce website, gaining new foot traffic into your store or increasing appointments through your internet marketing programs, you’ll have a partner in TopSpot you can trust and rely on like an extension of your business.

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