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Distributor Sees Long-Term Lead Growth with New Site

Houston, TX

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Growing Leads With Data Driven Strategies

Industrial Website Design & Development

Bayou City Bolt & Supply, a fastener distributor for the Gulf Coast area since 1962, was running a Pay-Per-Click program with TopSpot when they decided to move forward with a new website with the goal of driving more form submissions through their site. Utilizing behavior and search query data from Google Analytics, the team built a site that focused on providing a great user experience through content and ease of use.

Increase Inoverall form submissions

within thefirst 9 months

In Brief


The number of form submissions generated through Bayou City Bolt’s website were low, due in part to the outdated design. The team was ready to update their website with a new, responsive design that showcased their mission to provide their customers with high-quality products in a timely manner.


Using the website analytics data from Bayou City Bolt’s PPC Program, the TopSpot Team expanded its sitemap from 13 pages to nearly 50. The new pages provided product-specific content, technical specifications and a user-friendly layout that didn’t require too much scrolling upon landing.


Within the first 90 days of launching their new website, Bayou City Bolt saw a 775% increase in form submissions. This trend continued past the first 90 days with a 796.49% increase in form completions over the first 9 months and a 711.82% increase throughout the first 15 months post-launch.

Identifying User Intent

Content Strategies through Search Query Data

Since the TopSpot team had website analytics data from Bayou City Bolt’s PPC Program that they had been managing since 2007, they had an inside look into Bayou City Bolt's user needs and applied that insight to their website development strategy.

The previous site had very long pages which required the user to scroll a lot on mobile devices to read the full page. The new sitemap split the longer pages into multiple, shorter pages to optimize for more specific queries while providing a better user a better experience on all devices.

Search query data from the Pay-Per-Click program was used to identify high converting terms that should be included as landing pages or content on the new site to help increase leads for both organic and paid traffic post-launch. 

Additionally, important keywords that did not have a good landing page to land on were reconsidered to ensure a better user experience post-launch. These strategies expanded Bayou City Bolt’s page count from 13 pages to nearly 50.

Content Development & Creation

To meet the objectives of the new website, a large amount of content had to be created. Additionally, the content needed to meet the requirements of what search engines were looking for when crawling the website along with the needs that the users were looking for when considering Bayou City Bolt as their supplier.

This meant that each product page contained a large amount of technical information but also required a user-friendly layout that wasn't overwhelming upon landing. The team also noticed that a lot of internal searches containing sizes and grades were taking place on the site and users were leaving when not finding any results.

INCREASE INOrganic Form submissionsafter 90 days
INCREASE INMobile & Tablet form submissionsafter 90 days
INCREASE INOrganic Form submissionsafter 9 months
INCREASE INMobile & Tablet form submissionsafter 9 months

Driving Leads Across All Devices

Responsive Website Design 

Per responsive design standards of practice, the new website was designed using a responsive grid system. The primary device sizes were mocked up and went through numerous rounds of internal usability reviews to ensure a positive user experience and increase the number of sessions coming from mobile & tablet users. A mobile-friendly design focused on driving new leads in conjunction with the shorter, easier to navigate landing pages created a great user experience across all devices. 

The new design also removed focus from the mail-to links that were the focal point on throughout the website and difficult to click on when viewing any website on a small, mobile screen.


INCREASE INwebsite form completionsafter 90 days
INCREASE INwebsite form completionsafter 6 Months
INCREASE INwebsite form completionsafter 15 months

Paid Search Results

Better User Experience = Better Results

Prior to launching the new website, Bayou City Bolt’s Pay-Per-Click Program was updated to reflect the new content and sitemap. Ad content was revamped and landing page destinations were updated to ensure users were taken to the most relevant pages. These updates along with the new design and responsive development produced the following results for the Paid Search Program:



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