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Did you know that by advertising on AdWords alone, you’re missing out on roughly 21% of the search market share? At TopSpot, our company believes that an integrated approach is the way to go, which is why our PPC advertising programs have a portion of their budget allotted to Bing ads from day one. 

 Year Over Year Growth in Bing's Market Share:


Bing Search Market Share Year Over Year

Did You Know...

The Bing Search Network includes not only Microsoft sites, which represent the percentage above, but Yahoo sites (searches powered by Bing) and AOL Sites in the US?

The Search Landscape

Bing is an important part of the search landscape as it powers the searches done using Siri on Apple devices in addition to Amazon Fire & Echo. It is also the default search platform on Acer, Dell, HP & Samsung devices in addition to the web browser, Firefox. Users can access Bing search results from places like their Windows Search box in newer versions of Microsoft Office. 


It is also not unusual to see some overlap of the search engines throughout the user buying cycle. As you can see in the Google Analytics report below, users often switch between search engines while researching products or services they’re considering. 


Top Conversion Path Report
The Top Conversion Path Report from Google Analytics is a great tool to use when researching the potential impact Bing has on the form submissions that are occurring on your website. As you can see from this example, Bing often plays a part in the final conversion, even if it isn’t the last step!

Bing Features & Targeting

Our PPC account managers are all required to pass the Bing ads Certification during their initial training and are familiar with utilizing the following Bing pay per click features, in addition to our standard best practices: 

Ad Extensions– The world of ad extensions is always changing. From the type of extensions available to determining the ones that work best for you, we will always be implementing and testing until we find the winning combination. We also make it a point to keep these as targeted as possible by optimizing sitelink extensions, making sure your call extensions aren’t running when you aren’t available to answer the phone and your location extensions are updated should you relocate your business.

Remarketing - With Remarketing in Paid Search, you get second chance to convert and engage with these valuable audiences on websites within the Bing Syndication Network, such as Wall Street Journal.

Location, Demographic & Device Targeting - Now more than ever, Bing is offering more ways to narrow down your targeting and focus your spend on your target audience.

Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner Program

Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner

Bing has always been an integral part of the strategies we create for our clients. Because of our success in Bing, we are proud members of the Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner Program.

Benefits of working with a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner include:

Technology Enablement – We have access to Bing Ads’ programmatic account management portal (which provides support for managing large volume accounts). We are also given the option to participate in betas before they are released to the general public!

Dedicated PPC Account Management & Support that gives us access to additional resources, training programs, account reviews and special training events.

We also partner with Bing ads to put on events from time to time created to educate our current & prospective clients. (If you’d like to be notified of any upcoming events, be sure to sign up for our )

How to Get Started with Bing & Yahoo Ad Management

When you sign up with TopSpot, your PPC team will help establish an integrated strategy that will include Bing Ads & Yahoo (Gemini). They will also utilize each platform's features and programs that will help to promote your business.

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