Multi-Year Strategy Success Case Study

Integrated Strategies Remain Valuable Over the Years

Increase in Website Visitors
(83422 vs. 14524)
Increase in New Website Visitors
(57012 vs. 10051)
Increase in Number of Online Form Submission
(4967 v 491)



The medical world is always growing and expanding. Dr. Blades wanted a website and a digital strategy that would grow with her practice.


Combined with an integrated digital strategy including SEO and paid search, Dr. Blades's website continues to adapt to the changes in the medical world as well as the online space.


Four years later, her team has grown, along with her service offerings. They are outgrowing their new, bigger office and have a waiting list for new patients.

About Blades Wellness

Industry: Medical health and Wellness Practice    Location: Cypress, Texas

Blades Wellness & Aesthetics is a medical practice focused on hormone optimization and metabolic health. Dr. Blades came to TopSpot wanting a professional website that would grow with her practice. The new website was launched in March 2018 and combined with the integrated strategies from her TopSpot Team, has continued to be an incredible resource for her clients.

Four Years On, Website Continues to Perform

The website for Blades Wellness was designed to grow with the practice. As Blades has added new services, the website has had to grow to present these services so that visitors know what’s available. This has meant the introduction of new landing pages, a restructured navigation, and constant adjustment for changes in the search landscape for organic and paid search. Four years later, the site continues to provide clients with the information they need and bring in new business.

Increase in Requests for Consultation
Over the First Four Years
(1409 vs. 143)

Benefits of an Integrated Team

Dr. Blades’ dedicated TopSpot Customer Relationship Team (CRT) works together to ensure the best possible strategy is used. The CRT is led by a Team Leader who oversees each component of ongoing strategy recommendations and results from SEO to PPC. Together, they are the main contacts for communication and monthly reporting. With this approach, our Team members strategize together to give their clients the best possible integrated strategy for their business.

Year over year increase in assisted conversions

Adapting to a Shifting Landscape

Even before COVID-19 impacted businesses, the TopSpot Team knew they had to keep Dr. Blades’ customers updated with timely information. They stay on top of the changes in the medical practice, from new services to monthly specials to wellness education opportunities. 

Medical paid search ads must be constantly monitored as the search engines change policies regarding the language used to describe services and products offered. The Team works together to ensure the landing pages match the paid search ads in content, which helps users to more readily find the information they are seeking. This is in addition to the shifting landscape for organic search features, such as featured snippets and People Also Ask boxes.

Customer Experience/Customer Service

Having a positive user experience comes from providing the user with the information they want. Whenever Blades wanted their clients to be aware of changes at the practice, the Team would find the best ways to have that information available. Over the years, this has included banners on the website for breaking news, updating the site with new information, and structured data markup to provide more information in the search landscape.

Expanding Local Presence

Dr. Blades is based out of a suburb of Houston and wanted to reach the people in her neighborhood. Local information was included on the website via structured data markup, which increased the chances of showing up in “near me” and other local search results. Geo-modified ad campaigns also targeted local users, which in turn, made the ad spend more efficient.

Most effective was the use of the Blades Wellness Google My Business profile. This search feature was claimed early on and has been regularly updated since. With information such as when the practice is open, what their monthly specials are, and other relevant news, the GMB profile has been an especially helpful piece of search engine optimization.


Increase in Visitors to the Website from GMB
(692 vs. 70)

Continuing to Perform

YOY Results

Increased in Visitors
(878672 vs. 55502 Visitors)
Increase in New Visitors
(60583 vs. 36037)
Increase in Online Form Submissions
(5257 vs. 2333)

When looking at improvements from June 2021–May 2022

Client Testimonial

"Our website has grown exponentially since we launched it. My practice has grown exponentially. I cannot be happier with our growth." - Dr. Carrie Blades, Owner Blades Wellness & Aesthetics

How We Helped

Website Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Search

Conversion Optimization
Analytics & Form Tracking

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