SEO & Content Optimization Case Study

SEO Focused Content Strategy Drives Lead Growth

Increase in organic users
(8737 vs 2330)
Increase in organic form submissions
(148 vs 83)
New high priority keywords ranking on the first page of Google

Within 9 Months of Content Strategy Implementation


During a year when Blaylock Gasket & Packaging's oil and gas-focused client base was experiencing an economic decline in conjunction with a global pandemic, Blaylock Gasket turned to their Customer Relationship Team at TopSpot to find new ways to increase organic online traffic and leads.


Their TopSpot Team analyzed the existing content strategies and keywords being optimized on each page of the website. They compared these pages to the incoming lead data and found areas where keywords and content could be re-optimized to drive high intent traffic and better results.


The updated pages were more focused on targeting results for transactional search queries versus informational ones. This content overhaul and shift in focus resulted in monthly organic users increasing from an average of 187 per month to an average of 1,587 per month the following year. This is a 749% increase in average monthly organic visits.

About Blaylock Gasket & Packing

Industry: Gasket Manufacturer & Supplier    Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas


Blaylock Gasket & Packing is a custom gasket and mechanical packing manufacturer supplying ISO 9001 quality rubber gaskets, metallic, O-ring and cast urethane materials. Founded in 1983, Blaylock Gasket & Packing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 30 years, all the while, remaining owned and operated by the Blaylock family.

Having partnered with TopSpot since 2013, the TopSpot Team worked with Blaylock Gasket & Packaging to repurpose historically informational pages into high-intent, transactional content that would generate the right kind of leads for their business.

Competitive Analysis Leads to New Opportunties 

When looking at the Gasket Materials pages as a whole, the Team noticed that many were performing better than average. Upon reviewing individual pages in LOOP Analytics, the Customer Relationship Team found that the materials pages that were driving the most qualified leads included additional information about the materials such as Benefits, Applications, and Product Specifications.

Through a competitive analysis where the Team's SEO Specialist reviewed the search landscape and conducted additional organic keyword research, new opportunities were uncovered. The Team was able to retarget some of the various material keywords to be more relevant to what Blaylock’s customers were searching for. Updating these pages with the new keywords and additional information increased organic traffic overall and improved organic rankings. 

Year over Year increase in average organic sessions to optimized pages throughout the materials section.
(350.57 average sessions vs. 28.14 average sessions)

Updated PDFs to Benefit SEO

The PDFs on Blaylock’s site were comprehensive but weren’t being seen by the search engines. The Team knew these documents would bring in more traffic if formatted differently. A custom iFrame viewer was added and SEO-friendly page elements such as page titles and meta descriptions were added. Slowly, but steadily, traffic increased.

Increase in the number of organic views of the PDFs in the year since adding the iFrame viewer (59 vs 25)

Driving Qualified Traffic with Existing Blog Posts

Blaylock had multiple blog posts with high-quality content that were receiving a fair amount of traffic. Looking to increase that traffic even more, the Team looked at the competition and saw that their blogs were broken up into smaller chunks, with information broken out to be distinctive. With this in mind, the SEO Specialist updated the blogs with this type of formatting so it would be more user-friendly which resulted in the acquisition of knowledge boxes in the search landscape as well as increased traffic.

Average increase in traffic for these blogs in 9 months over previous period (2773.50% vs 254.50%)

Structured Data Updates Bring Results

Throughout the year, the Team continued to utilize structured data markup when applicable. Structured data is code written in a specific format used to give search engines a better understanding of the content on a website. These additions make it easier for users to find relevant information from organic searches. By adding structured data to high-quality, targeted pages, the Team was able to increase quality organic traffic, which led to more leads being generated from those pages.

Continued Refinements & Growth

Increase in organic users
(11,831 vs 5,048)
Increase in organic form submissions
(192 vs 132)
The optimized pages mentioned above contributed to 71.6% of organic traffic for 2021
(8,483 of 11,831 users)

When comparing Q1 - Q3 of 2021 to the previous year

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