Ball Bearings Supplier SEO Case Study

AST Bearings

Parsippany, NJ

AST Bearings, a ball bearings supplier, contracted TopSpot to build a website that was optimized for organic traffic and conversions. TopSpot launched the site in 2010 and saw great organic results during the first year of search engine optimization strategy. AST Bearings continued their SEO strategy and experienced stellar organic results the second year, with a 108% increase in monthly conversions from organic traffic. They also had a 143% increase in organic traffic and 97% increase in overall traffic, proving an ongoing SEO strategy continues to deliver year after year.

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How We Helped

Search Engine Optimization
Product Catalog Integration
B2B Marketing

In Brief


AST Bearings wanted to improve their organic visibility in the search engines and increase sales.


AST Bearings contracted TopSpot to build a website that was optimized for conversions and integrate their CDS catalog into their domain.


With continual SEO, AST Bearings experienced a 108% increase in conversions from organic traffic year over year; with 1586 leads over 762 leads.


AST Bearings received a 143% increase in organic traffic, with 59,496 visits the first year and 145,125 visits the second. Overall their traffic increased by 97%, with 186,993 visits compared to 94,798 visits.

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