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Industrial Supplier Website Case Study

New Website & Data-Driven Strategies Improve Supplier's Results

Increase in organic traffic
(2125 vs. 777)
Increase in organic form submissions
(37 vs. 8)
Increase in online and offline leads (forms and phone calls)
(290 vs. 98)

In 6 months post-launch


Coil Replacement wanted a lead-generating website that would show off more about their products, specifically the many highly advanced custom-designed coils available. They turned to their current digital marketing agency, TopSpot for the design and development of a new website.


Originally the company was doing pay-per-click advertising and not utilizing an integrated approach. So, a new SEO-focused website was built to bring in more traffic both organically and through paid search.


The newly launched data-driven website saw immediate results, with organic traffic increasing by 173% (2125 vs. 777) and overall form submissions and phone calls increasing by 196% (290 vs. 98). 

About the Company

Industry: HVAC and Heating Coil Supplier   Headquarters: Warren, MI


Coil Replacement has been supplying custom and OEM HVAC coil replacements since 1979, in addition to supplying various other complementary HVAC products. Coil Replacement maintains an evergreen catalog of drawings with specifications that are guaranteed to be an exact replacement in both fit and performance.

Industrial Supplier Website (After)
Industrial Supplier Website (Before)
Scroll left to right to reveal before and after

From Top to Bottom, a New Look

When a new user comes to the industrial supplier's website, the first thing they notice is the navigation bar and image carousel at the top of the page. The new navigation, which follows the user down the page, has been expanded to include Industries and Brands so they can be accessed easily. A phone number and a search box were also added. In addition, the revamped Customer Requirement Questionnaire drops down as the user scrolls down, which also makes it easy to access from anywhere on the site.

The bottom of the page no longer duplicates the upper navigation and instead is crisp and clean, featuring mostly the contact information for the company and their certifications. The newsletter signup callout has also been moved to the bottom of the page.

Increase in overall form submissions over previous period (73 vs 28)

New Content with The B-SMART Method®

The Industries and Brands sections were introduced with the new website. By following The B-SMART Method®, the Team knew that bringing attention to these two areas would increase traffic and user engagement with the site. 23 new pages were written, added and built to inform the customer wherever they were in the marketing funnel.

of the total traffic for the first year was brought in by these two sections
(3394 vs 14741)

SEO Improvements Help Paid Search

Before the new website, Coil Replacement was utilizing Pay Per Click Advertising. The new industrial website utilized many search engine optimization strategies from day one, including new landing pages, expanded content strategy and other usability improvements made to the website resulted in lead growth and overall program improvements to their paid search program as well. For instance, thanks to the improved user experience and a focus on content that was written to meet the needs of their target audience, the program saw a decrease in cost per click. Thanks to this reduction, the PPC program could bring in additional, high-quality traffic while keeping the same monthly budget. The additional traffic resulted in more paid search-driven leads (both form submissions and tracked website phone calls). 

Increase in online & offline PPC leads (142 vs. 43) thanks in part to the 21.35% ($1.76 v $2.24) reduction in cost per click.
responsive website design

Mobile Strategies Make an Impact

The original website was not designed and developed to be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet. By rebuilding the industrial website on a responsive grid, the users are able easily to view and navigate the Coil Replacement Co website from whatever device they are using. The new site also included user-friendly forms that could easily be filled out on a smaller screen.

Increase in phone calls from the website in the first 9 months of launch (429 vs. 96)

Continued Growth

increase in organic traffic
(4,716 vs. 1,452)
increase in organic form submissions
(64 vs. 9)
increase in overall form submissions
(133 vs. 43)

year over year post website launch results

Client Testimonial

"Working with TopSpot to launch, maintain and continually improve the Coil Replacement website, as well as refine and optimize our search campaign, has been a fantastic experience. We wanted to incorporate interactive 3D images of our coils which we knew would be challenging, however TopSpot was able to make it happen and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

We’ve seen a significant improvement in both organic and paid search traffic to the new site versus our old site, and TopSpot has helped us transition from a regional company to a worldwide supplier of commercial and industrial HVAC coils and products. Since launching the new site we’ve had leads come in from all over the world, and have earned business and built relationships in Canada, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, West Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, India, and Vietnam.

Every member of the TopSpot Team is professional, knowledgeable, responsive and proactive, from providing monthly reports and aiding us in sending marketing newsletters to offering suggestions of ways we can improve our website and search campaigns. The collaborative approach that TopSpot took in creating and launching our new site, as well as the ongoing support that we receive, has been nothing short of excellent!"

- Adrian Kniahynycky, Coil Replacement Co.

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