Paid Search & E-Commerce Case Study

Crane Depot’s Paid Search Pays Off

Increase in paid conversion rate
(0.35% vs .15%)
Increase in paid form submissions
(255 vs 95)
Increase in e-commerce transactions
(101 vs 52)

Recent 90-Day Period vs First 90 Days Post-Launch, Consistent Budget


Crane Depot sells its primary products (cranes and crane parts) online. This can be a challenging arena for a B2B distributor due to the high price tag and the long sales cycle. They also have to compete with the manufacturer for space in the search engine results.


Through diligent research and understanding of the search landscape, the TopSpot Team developed plans to target the right audience at the right time through paid search ads and shopping ads.


The e-commerce conversion rate increased by 66.7 (0.13% vs 0.08%) in the most recent six months when compared to the first six months since launching paid ads.

About Crane Depot 

Industry: Distributor of Cranes and Crane Parts    Location: Grand Prairie, Texas

Crane Depot is a leading crane distributor, specializing in electric chain hoists, CM lodestar chain hoists, beam clamps, and trolley parts.

As with many industrial customers, it’s important to understand the highly technical nature of their business and their audience. Using the B-SMART Method®, the Team created variations on specific keywords within the Brand / Size / Material / Application / Requirements / Type. By using this method, keyword research, competitor analysis, and search landscape research, the Team was able to identify and add keywords to the paid search program that revolved around Brand Name, Size, etc.

Increases in the 6 months post-changes vs. the previous period

Branded Ads Bring in Customers

Crane Depot is a proud carrier of Harrington products and wanted to bring in customers looking for that brand. The Team grouped keyword campaigns around the Harrington brand and products over a certain price point for the client. This allowed for not just better overall performance, but improved budget allocation, and reporting changes.

Smart Shopping Ads

The Team saw an opportunity to show up in the landscape using Smart Shopping Ads which combine Standard Shopping ads with display remarketing campaigns, allowing products to show up across networks to users making relevant searches. These ads helped Crane Depot to reach a wider audience.

Landing Page Optimization

The paid search efforts were bolstered by landing page optimization. The Team updated product descriptions and calls-to-action were included on each page. This increased organic visibility in the SERPs as well as a better UX once the visitor landed on the page. With increased organic rankings and improved ad placement, we have the top two to three listings for many of the specific, targeted keywords in the paid search program.

Increase in overall traffic to the website in the past year compared to the previous year (233,471 vs 158,710)
Increase in paid conversion rate (0.41% vs 0.17%)
Increase in paid form submissions (552 vs 166)
Increase in e-commerce transactions (179 vs 78)

Recent 6 Months vs. 6 Months Post-Launch, Consistent Budget

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