David Underwood

David Underwood

David Underwood

President & Co-Founder

David Underwood is President and Co-Founder of TopSpot Internet Marketing in Houston, TX.

With a BA in Marketing from Texas A&M University, David began his career as a salesperson in print and online industrial advertising. His experience working in the B2B sector allowed him to evaluate inefficiencies within the search marketing industry and led him to co-found TopSpot Internet Marketing.

David’s unique business approach of a collaborative team working together to achieve clients’ business goals came to fruition with TopSpot’s Customer Relationship Teams. He takes pride in TopSpot’s analytics-driven methodology and strong company culture.

TopSpot Internet Marketing has benefited from David’s strengths in leadership and communication. David’s vision continues to inspire the company of over 100+ team members while he oversees the business activity of the agency that has grown beyond 800 clients.

David has presented at Google’s PSP Summit, HOUSTEX, Houston Interactive Marketing Association events and Interactive Strategies conferences. He resides in Katy with his wife and two children.

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