E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Your Online Store Potential

Imagine you own a retail storefront.

You have excellent advertisements in the area and a great location. People come in droves to your building. Unfortunately, while your store is very busy no one is purchasing.

The same can happen with your e-commerce website. You work to drive traffic to your site, but are you meeting your sales and revenue goals?

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What It Does

What is E-commerce CRO?


1. A successful integrated marketing strategy includes making sure your website is turning visitors into paying customers. This process is called eCommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO).

At TopSpot, we know exactly what it takes for your online store to reach its full potential.

Just as a store employee works to convert a window shopper into a customer, your website should do the same.


In today’s day and age, users are expecting three things: convenience, personalization and a great experience. After all, it’s what you expect when you are the prospective buyer, isn’t it? If you are attempting to purchase something online, but the pages are taking too long to load, how likely are you to leave the website and make the purchase on a faster site?

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mobile conversion optimization

When is the last time you’ve walked through the steps to make a purchase on your website? Have you done so on a mobile device as well?

Increase E-Commerce Sales with TopSpot

At TopSpot, we utilize a variety of tools to make sure the traffic we’re driving to your website is targeted and the experience they have once they arrive is a great one.

  • Google Shopping - Shopping Ads have become a major part of the search landscape. As Premier Google Partners, our PPC team members each have their Google Shopping Certifications and can utilize this PPC feature to drive your ecommerce ad strategy.
  • SEO for eCommerce – Our SEO team will focus on the aspects important to eCommerce websites such as security & speed while utilizing other advanced SEO tactics like product schema markup to make sure they’re driving targeted users to your site.
  • Google Analytics – By utilizing your website’s analytics data, we can see if users are having issues finding the products they’re looking for, or even recommend new products to consider based off of internal site search data.
  • Heatmapping Software – Are users having to scroll too much to view your product pages on mobile devices? Are they clicking on content that isn’t linked, but could be? Heatmapping software will help your team to determine usability hang-ups that may contribute to a poor user experience. Our team can then test out new layouts using A/B or Multivariate Testing
  • Phone Call Tracking – By tracking your website’s phone calls, we can identify areas of opportunity for your sales team and your website. For example, if callers are asking similar questions, we can create an FAQ section on your site.
  • Email campaigns – Do your products half a shelf life and need to be reordered after a standard period of time? Do you sell add-ons or replacement parts? Once our strategies drive the first sale, we can utilize email marketing to make sure you get the follow up sales as well!

At TopSpot, our Conversion Rate Optimization team will utilize tools like HotJar to determine opportunities for testing and growth.

Whether you are a B2B business or B2C, have a quote cart or an e-commerce website, our team understands that providing your end-users with a clear path to convert into a lead is key in overall website success. 

E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

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We will work with you to establish a clear plan to drive qualified users to your site and incorporate tools to measure the success of your marketing opportunities.

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