Heatmapping Analytics

Understand Your Website Visitors

We all want to know as much about website visitors as possible to drive decisions and improve the user experience. Normal analytics tools like Google Analytics help uncover great data about website visitors, but what if you could dig deeper than metrics? At TopSpot, our Analytics, Conversion Improvement and SEO departments utilize heat mapping and visitor recording software to understand more of what your website visitors want, care about and do on your website from every type of device.

Analyze Content Effectiveness

Analyze Content Effectiveness

Pairing heatmapping data with landing page and keyword data can help you understand how effective and engaging your website's content is to drive your content strategy forward.

Drive Website & Search Strategies

Using data from heatmaps like clicks, taps and scrolling behavior paired with other analytics data, we’re able to make critical decisions about the design, functionality and organization of your website. But the value doesn't stop there. The insights from heatmapping data and recordings can improve your search marketing programs as well.

Insights heatmapping and visitor recording software can help discover:

  • What are website visitors clicking on?
  • What are visitors paying attention to?
  • Is my content keeping my website visitors engaged?
  • Does my website have usability issues?
  • Is the user experience consistent on both desktop and mobile devices?
Improving Functionality for Conversions

Improving Functionality for Conversions

Our Conversion Improvement & SEO teams collaborated to improve this website's tables after seeing this heatmap and where users were clicking, wanting the ability to filter by specifications.

Website Heatmap Analytics & Conversion Improvement Case Study

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