Call Tracking Case Study

Industrial Flow Solutions Sees Conversion Results by Listening in with CallRail

of mobile users reported making a call to a business directly from search engine results

Why is Call Tracking so Important?

Research shows that phone calls generate 10 to 12 times more conversions than lead forms across all business types. When taking into account mobile devices, 60% of users reported making a call to a business directly from search engine results, emphasizing the importance of mobile-optimized websites with click-to-call features.

About The Company

Industry: Industrial Manufacturer   Location: New Haven, CT, United States

Industrial Flow Solutions is a designer, manufacturer, seller, and service provider of pumps and flow solutions headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut. Their products are ideal for municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential applications. IFS is committed to offering industry-leading response times with a human touch that starts with initial inquiry and stays strong through post-installation support. This level of customer service meant call tracking was essential to supporting this business priority.

IFS partnered with TopSpot in 2022 to collaborate on an integrated digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, PPC, form tracking, and call tracking services. In addition to carrying on a high level of customer service, their goals include becoming a go-to resource for engineers and getting better insight into how their potential buyers searched to generate high-quality leads.`

What is Call Tracking?

TopSpot utilizes CallRail for call tracking and on average, tracks two to three phone calls for every form submission, which is on par for most B2B businesses. In B2B, phone calls often make up most website conversions, meaning businesses without call tracking lack the visibility of over half their leads.

Call tracking measures offline conversions received via call tracking numbers assigned to landing pages and assets like PDFs, video, or trade show collateral. All tracked phone calls are recorded in real-time and identify the lead source. You can see the incoming number, time, date, duration, and the affiliated company.

This does not impact the user experience on your site or disrupt internal processes, only a quick message notes that the call is being recorded for quality assurance.

Evaluating your phone call recordings can shed light on the quantity and quality of opportunities received from your marketing programs. Listening to phone calls can also highlight opportunities by pointing out areas of your site that could be improved or expanded, including updated navigation, new keywords, and new content. Finally, it also monitors your internal team's management of customers and prospects, keeping a pulse on customer service goals.

CallRail provides caller profiles that display the company’s details, the number of interactions, and a timeline of interactions.


Call Tracking Results for IFS

IFS displays the importance of call tracking and the success that can be achieved. In the first six months of launching the program, they exemplified the two calls for every one form fill ratio, having received 1175 calls versus 615 forms. The company averaged about 25 calls per week, with high points of over 50 calls in a week.

IFS maintained above 25 calls per week up until the 2022 Thanksgiving holiday, which then picked back up post-holiday.
1175 calls vs. 615 forms

Additionally, IFS can cross-check and generate target keywords based on terms customers use. For instance, common questions asked during calls concerning temperature, materials, gallons per minute, or flow rate per minute are featured on the website in various forms including charts and graphs. This insight keeps their digital marketing integrated and gives sales accurate data to proceed. It's a feedback loop informing every aspect of their digital marketing programs and sales process.

Product pages exhibiting flow capacity and charts with frequently asked specs.


Tracking your phone calls provides crucial visibility on the efficiency of your website and customer service that can provide data that inform future marketing and business decisions. Contact TopSpot to learn more about adding call tracking to your analytics.

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