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SEO & Content Strategy Case Study

Content Strategy Drives Lead Growth & New Business Opportunities

Increase in
Organic Users
Increase in Organic
Form Submissions
Increase in Organic
Traffic to Target Pages

1st Quarter of 2020 Versus the Previous Year


Industrial Tube & Steel wanted their new website to be a source of information for both customers and industry specialists.


Their post-launch website strategy was focused on expanding and optimizing content to bring a greater number of quality organic visitors to the website.


The new site launched in mid-December of 2018. Before launch, it was averaging 1,427 organic website visits per month. After launching a new site with TopSpot, and going through a content overhaul throughout the first year, it now averages 12,500 organic visits per month. This is a 776% increase in average monthly organic visits.

About Industrial Tube & Steel

Industry: Supplier    Location: Ohio and Tennessee

Since 1956, Industrial Tube and Steel Corp. has been servicing the steel tubing and continuous cast iron needs of businesses across the Midwest. With a fresh design from the TopSpot Team, they launched a new website in late 2018 and began monthly Search Engine Optimization shortly after.

Improving the Website Architecture

To meet the objectives of the new website, the number of website pages doubled (from 29 to 65 pages) in addition to over 4,000 unique product catalog pages. A majority of this expansion was focused on the Dura-Bar product line, but also included unique pages for industries Industrial Tube commonly worked with as well as the main materials & common grades they supplied.

The TopSpot Team also made sure they served the needs of the user as well. A hierarchy was also created to help website users navigate the website and find the products they were looking for. Additionally, the product catalog pages were added to the website. An individual page for each unique cast iron bar supplied by Industrial Tube & Steel was available on the new site with product attributes included, making it easy for a user to find what they were looking for and move forward with requesting a quote.

The new pages drove 67.44% of the organic traffic and 55.83% of the organic form submissions during the first year of launch.
In order to target and drive the quality organic traffic needed to meet Industrial Tube's business goals, the page count was more than doubled with a focus on the Dura-Bar section.
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Creating Content with a Specific Focus

While the pages were built out during the website development project, a lot of the content writing and optimization came afterwards. Starting with the Dura-Bar pages, the TopSpot Team created content focused on meeting the needs of their potential customers including engineers, operations managers, contractors, purchasing managers and more. The B-SMART Method® was utilized to create specific, informative, and engaging, as well as optimized for search engines.  

The new content also included supporting, technical information that addressed the needs of current and potential customers. This included the use of custom photographs, PDFs, product specifications and other supporting documentation. This meant that the expanded content would drive new users and the technical information would drive new leads. 


of the visitors to the featured Dura-Bar product page were organic​ during the year post-launch.

Location Focused Organic Growth

With locations in Northwest Ohio and Southwestern Ohio, Industrial Tube wanted to make sure they were found by anyone statewide looking for their products. However, they offered next day shipping to other states throughout the midwest including, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee. TopSpot helped solidify their online presence by expanding the information on their Google My Business page, Bing’s Places for Business, and including more location-specific information on the website itself. Local schema markup was also introduced, which helps search engines find relevant local data.

Increase in users from the 7 targeted states

“We have seen significant growth in new orders inside and outside of our typical geographic reach.”

- Damon Gaynor, Vice President, Sales

When comparing January - March of 2020 to the same time frame in 2019 (which was the first full quarter the new website was live), visits from all 7 target states increased. Website visits from Ohio went up by 69.27% (3,167 vs. 1,871); visitors from Pennsylvania increased by 165.85% (1507 vs. 569), Michigan visits grew by 185.75% (1123 vs. 393), Tennesee traffic improved by 89.75% (795 vs. 419), Indiana visitors grew by 254.50% (748 vs. 211), Kentucky by 196.34% (486 vs. 164) and West Virginia visitors increased by 266.67% (132 vs. 36). Additionally, form submissions from those states grew from 183 in the first quarter of 2019 to 355 during Q1 of 2020, a 93.99% increase!

responsive usability case study

Improved User Experience

In addition to the content expansion, the TopSpot Team recognized the need for improving the user experience. This included added a “View Products” button strategically placed on the page to allow users to find the exact information they were looking for. This was especially useful when the specifications and product information were listed below the fold. Once the user reached this section of the page, they could then filter through the product specifications with a custom product filter, thus allowing the user to find exactly the stock they were looking to purchase.

Toward the end of 2019, the quote cart was updated to include a drop-down window, showing the users exactly what they had in the cart. This small touch had big gains, with an increase in completions of 318.85% (796 v 190) within the first 90 days after it was added versus the previous period.

of total online leads were generated by the quote cart throughout the first calendar year following launch.

Surpassing Expectations

It can take time to notice improvements with content additions. However, due to the strategic approach the TopSpot Team
used to build and optimize new content opportunities, the increase in traffic and online leads was dramatic.

of targeted keywords are ranking on Google
of all website traffic is organic
of all online leads are generated by organic traffic

As of May 2020


"Working with TopSpot truly has been a great experience. I am very impressed with the amount of increased traffic I have experienced through using TopSpot for my SEO and Google Advertising needs. I highly recommend!"

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