Website Case Study

Kason Corp Expands Website with Great Results

Increase in organic form submissions
(238 vs 61)
high-priority keywords rank on the first page of Google
Increase in overall form submissions
(549 vs 97)

In the first 6 months post-launch


Kason was running a paid search program, but their website was not optimized for organic traffic and had a poor user experience, which meant Kason was not receiving the number of leads they could have. 


A new, data-driven website was designed with SEO and UX in mind.  


More leads came through both organic and paid channels. 

About Kason Corp.

Industry: Processing equipment manufacturer    Location: Milburn, New Jersey

Kason is a leading worldwide manufacturer of screening equipment and circular fluid bed dryers, coolers and moisturizers for powder and bulk solids ranging from dry or moist materials to solids-laden slurries. 

Organic Leads

The original website had an extensive and confusing navigation bar. This was one of the first areas to be reorganized to clarify and still showcase the many product lines Kason offers. Content for the product pages was expanded upon to better answer user questions. Structured data markup was added where appropriate to help with indexation on such a large website. Calls-to-action were strategically placed where the user’s eyes would naturally see them, replacing the mailto links and non-clickable phone number placements.

Local Leads

Though an international company, Kason wanted to capture more of their local area market in New Jersey. The TopSpot Team worked with them to claim and optimize the company’s Google My Business listing and Bing Business listing to help target area customers. Local schema markup was added to the website to show up in local search results.

Increase in New Jersey visitors (1071 v 914) in the year since launch
Increase in form submissions (16 v 3) in the year since launch

SEO-Supported PPC Leads

Since a large part of the website development was based on paid search data, the new website helped improve the existing paid search program. Additionally, landing pages that did not have updated keywords improved to ensure a better user experience post-launch.

Prior to launch, additional keyword research and competitive research was done to identify additional opportunities provided by the new website. The program was relinked to go to the new, more relevant landing pages and ad text was updated to match the new branding and content.

Increase in paid search form submissions(126 vs 12)in the 9 months post-launch
Increase in organic leads(547 vs 110)
Overall increase in online leads (1204 of 153)
Increase in YOY paid search form submissions (181 vs 35)

In the year since launch


2020 AVA Digital Awards Winner

2020 AVA Digital Awards

2021 Stevie Award

2021 Stevie Award

Web Award Winner

2021 Web Award

Dot Comm Award Winner

2021 Dot Comm Award

2021 Lantern Award

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