KD Fasteners: Website Development Case Study

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KD Fasteners, a standard and custom fastener supplier, contracted TopSpot Internet Marketing to design and develop a new website with ongoing Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and Analytics Services. This led to a 246% increase in online leads with 47% of those leads driven by organic traffic and 46% by the KD Fasteners pay per click program.




KD Fastener’s website was not optimized to drive traffic & sales from the internet. They also felt that their knowledge of exotic metals, custom fastener designs and next day shipping on stock items was not featured throughout their current site.


The new website was built with SEO serving as the foundation and online form submissions influencing the design.

This was accomplished by creating a sitemap focused on their core products and services and then building content around them. The new pages provide industry-specific information, details about services offered, and product-specific information. The new sitemap was also built with the end user in mind with a more intuitive way of laying out their products.

A design was created that provided multiple conversion opportunities throughout each page of the site. The new layout gave each website visitor numerous opportunities to fill out a form or make a phone call. They were also placed in areas throughout each page that a website user's eyes are naturally drawn.

A PPC program went live shortly after launch and focused on their exotic metals and custom fastener capabilities.

KD Fasteners, Inc. Before TopSpot Redesign

Homepage before Redesign
  • 6  Product Pages
  • 1 Services Page
  • 1 Materials Page
  • Minimal Calls to Action throughout the internal pages

KD Fasteners, Inc. After TopSpot Redesign

KD Fasteners Homepage After TopSpot Redesign
  • 110 Product Pages
  • 4 Services/Capabilities Pages
  • 11 Materials Pages
  • Multiple Calls to Action throughout the internal pages


During the first 3 months after the website's launch, organic traffic was averaging close to 600 visits per month. Now, the website is averaging almost 1,000 organic visits per month thanks to a 124.33% increase in organic traffic throughout the last 9 months.


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246% Increase

In Average Monthly Form Submissions
Form submissions increased by 246.43% with over 600 form submissions coming in throughout the first 9 months. 47% of those leads were driven by organic traffic and 46% by the KD Fasteners pay per click program. When comparing the first full month post launch to their traffic and lead metrics 9 months later, the website saw an overall traffic increase of 121.33%.
28 before
97 after

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