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Did you know that 80% of consumers use a search engine when looking for information about local businesses? (Source: Google) It’s no secret that these days, if you are a local business, having a local paid search management strategy targeted pay-per-click strategy is one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience. 

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As both a Premier Google Partner and a Microsoft Ads Select SMB Partner, our local paid search management team helps businesses with their local SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies, not only in the Houston area, where we are located but all over the country -- from fabrication shops and shipyards to pool builders and gyms.

A Local Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategy doesn’t just benefit local businesses either.

  • Does your business distribute products that apply to specific industries that exist in certain areas and not others?
  • Are you wanting to increase your customer base in certain areas of the country?
  • Are you a service provider whose national business is stronger based on seasonality or weather?
  • If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your business can also benefit from location-based PPC ads!

Did you know that 80% of consumers use a search engine when looking for information about local businesses?

(Source: Local Search Association)

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With over 4 billion desktop queries every month and 50% of mobile searches having a local intent (Source: comScore,Inc.), if local paid search management and search engine optimization , and pay-per-click management aren't included as a part of your online marketing strategy, it's time to make a change.

This graph shows the trend of "near me" searches from 2014 through 2017. Location-based searches, whether they include a city, neighborhood, zip code or another geographic modifier, are on the rise making them an important part of any integrated marketing approach. (Source: Google Trends)

Stay On Top of the Local Search Landscape with PPC

Google is always changing things up when it comes to what they are showing in their local results. With Paid Search Advertising, you have the flexibility to test out new features, extensions and ad types as soon as they’re rolled out. And, as a PPC company for local businesses with Premier Google Partner representation, we oftentimes get access to betas, which means you’ll be one step ahead of your competition!

There are many different ad formats and extensions to use to make sure your local business stands out amongst the competition:


  • Do you sell your products online and also in a storefront? With local inventory ads, you can showcase your in-store inventory through Google Shopping Ads for those searching online.
  • Structured Snippets allow businesses to highlight specific aspects of their products of services. Utilizing snippets like “Neighborhoods” allows a hyperlocal service provider to showcase the specific neighborhoods within a city that they typically serve.
  • Location Extensions allow your local maps listing to be shown in conjunction with your ad. Another feature included with location extensions allows your business to show up in the maps listings above all organic results, further showcasing your business (shown on the left).

TopSpot has directed visits to our website by PPC advertising and search optimization, therefore improving our presence and increasing the number of leads that come through the website.

Glen LiddellSpectrum Corp.

Benefits of Going Local

Maximize Your Budget With Local Targeting

PPC for local businesses is a very flexible source of driving relevant traffic and leads. Taking advantage of the features it has to offer allows you control over where you allocate your budget. 

  • Geographic Targeting - If you only do business in a certain area, we can set your ads to only show to users in that area. In fact, we can target as specifically as a radius around a certain point. Other available settings include targeting by zip code, city, state or country.
  • Mobile Targeting - Google & Microsoft Ads have made it easier to target visitors by device (desktop, smartphones and tablets). User behavior may differ from device to device and we now have control over the time of day, spend, ad copy & type of website these visitors see when utilizing Mobile PPC.



5 Point Local Strategy Checklist

Download our checklist for the 5 things you can check today to see how your online strategy measures up in today’s local search landscape.

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Local PPC & Your Business

Not sure if Local SEM needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy?

Try out our tool below to see how local strategies may be important for your business.

I am a , do I need a local marketing strategy?

You may manufacture products for customers nationwide, but that doesn't mean local marketing strategies aren't important. Do you work with customers near you that make shipping and transportation easier? Would you like to? Do you have local competitors? If you answered "Yes," then Local SEO and PPC should be part of your search marketing plan.

As a supplier or distributor, you may be contractually obligated to sell to certain regions, meaning a Local SEO plan is important if you are trying to capture qualified leads from specific areas. Search engine optimization and pay-per-click strategies focused on local should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

Depending on what type of B2C company you are, local marketing strategies could be important. For example, if you have a retail location or multiple locations that need to garner website and foot traffic, a local approach could benefit you. 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day. 34% who search on desktop or tablet do the same. (Source) With that in mind, local strategies are not only important for your marketing but also for brand exposure and reputation.

Depending on the type of B2B company you are, local marketing may be important. Maybe you offer a service nationwide but are headquartered in a city where you have many local clients. Or perhaps you have locations in many cities with client bases in those respective areas. Local strategies would be useful to consider in these scenarios.

If you're a local business, you should have Local marketing strategies for both search engine optimization and pay-per-click. Perhaps you're a doctor, dentist, pool cleaner, accountant or another type of business that relies on local customers as your bread and butter. Local should most definitely be part of your digital marketing efforts.


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TopSpot works with many local businesses in the Houston area and across the nation on their locally targeted PPC programs. We work with all types of local businesses including doctors, dentists, universities, sports gyms, nationwide businesses and more to improve their local presence in search results.

If you are ready to get started with the right PPC company for local businesses, our team will conduct thorough research when setting up your program and make continuous refinements to ensure budget and exposure are maximized once it is live. In addition, your account manager will provide you with both top level and granular reports to help guide not only your PPC strategy but your overall digital strategy.

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